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Corey Kluber of the Tampa Bay Rays Chooses Marc Pro for Recovery

corey kluber

Corey Kluber, pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays, has used Marc Pro for the last 5 years on his shoulder after he throws. “I just throw it on and pump it out for 30 minutes.” Corey says he has never been a big proponent of icing, it tended to make his arms feel stiff or stuck every time he iced after training. Active recovery techniques, like the Marc Pro, are far more effective for warming up, reducing injuries, and accelerating recovery in order to keep up with the demands of being a professional pitcher.

Preventing Pitching Injuries

While all athletes are affected, pitchers are often more aware of the recovery deficit. Studies have shown that a high volume of games directly contributes to elbow pain and injuries among pitchers. Overused is really the same as under-recovered, and overuse can be a huge risk-factor for elite pitchers.

Reducing Recovery Time

Corey uses Marc Pro to recover more than anything. Reducing recovery time is essential for any athlete who wants to maintain a healthy body while performing at their best.

“It speeds up recovery, you’re able to get more out of your catch game the next day because you don’t have to waste those first 10-15 throws just trying to get things loosened up, you’re already at that point when you start.”

Promoting Good Biomechanics

When you are less sore, you are also less likely to alter your biomechanics. This allows you to perform better and avoid injuries due to poor positioning.

“If you feel better and things are working the way they are supposed to, you’re going to alter your mechanics less and you’re going to get more out of your throwing and probably decrease your chance of injury as well.”

How Does Marc Pro Help Pitchers?

Marc Pro is an EMS device that accelerates recovery through muscle activation. Muscle activation is the key facilitator for all four stages of the recovery process. What makes Marc Pro unique from other devices is that its’ patented technology allows for non-fatiguing muscle contractions – meaning you can recover for as long as you need. This allows you to get the most out of your training and ensure a full and quick recovery.

When you’re in the major leagues, every throw counts, but every major league pitcher had to start somewhere. Anyone serious about a career in baseball is consistently focused on performing their best and recovering their best.

“It’s going to help guys recover better…Not trying it if you have the opportunity to almost seems like a waste to me.”

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