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Marc Pro Named Official Recovery Technology Partner of Perfect Game

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Perfect Game, the world’s largest youth baseball and softball platform and scouting service, announced it has entered into a multiyear agreement making Huntington Beach, CA based Marc Pro its official recovery technology partner.

Marc Pro is a cutting-edge electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) tool that delivers effective muscle recovery through patented technology that creates non-fatiguing muscle activation scientifically proven to enhance each stage of the muscle recovery process. Marc Pro promotes speedy recovery from muscle soreness and fatigue, which allows athletes to return to play quickly.

“We’re very happy to welcome Marc Pro to the Perfect Game family. Partnering with Marc Pro, a company whose passion and focus are the health, well-being, and recovery of athletes, is consistent with our mission to seek out meaningful relationships that help enhance our commitment to provide best-in-class support to our young athletes,” stated Perfect Game Founder and President, Jerry Ford.

“The Marc Pro team is so excited to partner with Perfect Game in helping young athletes get to the next level,” said Marc Pro CEO, Ryan Heaney.  “We both recognize how important health and recovery is to prevent injuries and allow players to perform their very best. We look forward to accomplishing this together!”

Marc Pro is the leading recovery tool in baseball, helping players avoid injury, reduce soreness, and perform at their highest level. Marc Pro is used by athletic trainers and players from every MLB team – including more than 200 pitchers. This exclusive technology is portable, easy, and comfortable. Founded in 2011, Marc Pro proudly makes its products in the United States.

This press release was originally published by Perfect Game.

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