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Corey Kluber of the Texas Rangers
2x AL Cy Young Award Winner
Major League Teams Using Marc Pro
Francisco Cervelli
Pittsburgh Pirates Catcher
Dan Straily
Professional Pitcher
Josh Tomlin of the Cleveland Indians
on Injury Prevention Strategy
Stack Media
The Tech Tool that's Helping Elite Pitchers Throw Harder
Eric Cressey | New York Yankees
Director of Player Health & Performance
Founder of Cressey Sports Performance
American Baseball Coaches Association
Why Icing Your Arm Does More Harm Than Good
Tom Koehler
Professional Pitcher
Trevor Bauer
All-Star Pitcher
The New Norm for Pitching Recovery
Driveline Baseball
World-Class Baseball Player Development
Kyle Boddy
Founder of Driveline Baseball
Zhao Xing
Pitcher for Chinese National Team
Brittany Ghiroli
Baltimore Orioles Reporter
Bobby O'Neill
Pitching Instructor for PFA
Chris Bootcheck
Former MLB Pitcher
Chris Bootcheck
Professional Baseball Pitcher
Jose Ramirez
MLB Shortstop
Dan Straily
Starting MLB Pitcher
Minor League Teams Using Marc Pro
Nick Travieso
Pitcher for the Billings Mustangs
Mike Sandman
Sports Science Performance Institute
Dave Coggin
Owner - PFA Baseball Training Facility
Gene Ross
Director of Instruction - Georgia Pitching Academy
Cody Buckel
Pitcher for the Arizona League Rangers
Kevin Rand
Detroit Tigers, Head Athletic Trainer