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Proven by elite athletes, tested by experts, engineered to deliver recovery to everyone.

  • 6x CrossFit Games Individual Athlete
  • 2017 & 2018 Atlantic Regional Champion
  • 2nd Place at 2019 CrossFit Games
  • 2016 CrossFit Open Winner
  • Masters Degree in Kinesiology and Strength & Conditioning from the University of Miami

“I use the Marc Pro in between sessions, so on a day that I have a double, I’ll hit my first session hard. Then while I’m eating and recovering, I’ll put the Marc Pro on so I’m good to go for session number two.”

Noah Ohlsen
6x CrossFit Games Athlete
rich froning
Rich Froning
4x CrossFit Games Champion
Scott Panchik
Crossfit Games Athlete
  • 5x CrossFit Games Athlete
  • Former collegiate gymnast for the University of Georgia
  • Co-Owner of CrossFit Terminus

“I was introduced to the Marc Pro at the CrossFit Games in 2014. Over time, I’ve realized what a huge difference it makes going into the next day of training, so it has become part of my nightly routine! I spend at least 20 minutes flushing out the muscles in order to recover faster and perform better!”

Emily Bridgers
CrossFit Games Athlete
  • 2015 CrossFit Games Champion
  • 10x CrossFit Games Individual Competitor
  • Finished on CrossFit Games podium 4 Times
  • Owner and head coach of CrossFit Krypton

“I feel that I get beat up a lot in my training for the games, and the Marc pro has been a major key part of my recovery from all the training. I’ve used one for the last few years and WITHOUT A DOUBT this has helped my back and knees recover faster and feel better on a daily basis.”

Ben Smith
CrossFit Games Athlete
Brent Fikowski
CrossFit Games Athlete
  • Youth American Snatch Record Holder

“This has been so helpful with my recovery. Thanks Marc Pro!”

CJ Cummings
Team USA Weightlifting
Kelly Starrett - Mobility Expert
Physical therapist, author & speaker
  • Founder of Power Speed Endurance
  • Founder of Art of Breath
  • Author of Unbreakable Runner
  • Author of Unplugged

“You’ve invested in an active lifestyle, there should be no problem with investing in something that can help you recover faster, recover better and get you back to doing what it is you love to do.”

Brian MacKenzie
Movement and Mobility Expert
Chyna Cho
CrossFit Games Athlete
Jacob Heppner
4x CrossFit Games Athlete
sophie shaft
Sophie Shaft
Teen CrossFit Games Athlete
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Alanna Fisk
4x CrossFit Regional Athlete
Allison Weiss
2016 CrossFit Games Teen Champion
  • Holds Youth World Record for Clean & Jerk

“Just have to say my Marc Pro rocks for my recovery after the AO”

Harrison Maurus
Team USA Weightlifting
Jared Fleming
  • 2X Weightlifting National Champion
  • American Record Holder
  • Outlaw Way Barbell Head Coach

“I have been using Marc Pro for about a year now to aid in the recovery of my body for training and its effects have been truly remarkable!”

Jared Fleming
Team USA Weightlifting Athlete
  • 2015 & 2016 CrossFit Regional Athlete
  • 2016 NPGL Championship team member - Phoenix Rise
Ryan Rapenport
NPGL & CrossFit Regional Athlete
Neal Maddox
CrossFit Games Athlete
Nathan Bramblett
CrossFit Games Athlete
Emily Bridgers
CrossFit Games Athlete
  • Year started competing: 2011
  • Two-time Youth National Champion
  • Fourteen Youth National Records
  • Three Youth Nationals Best Lifter Awards

When I use the Marc Pro after my evening training session, I feel like I didn’t even work out. Relieving the sore muscles right before bedtime helps me sleep better, and wake up with more energy. That extra energy means I can push myself harder when I go back to the gym.

Abby Flickner
Youth National Weightlifting Champion
Sean Hutchinson
3 x American Open Champion/ CrossFit L2 Coach
  • 3x CrossFit Games Athlete
  • Owner and coach at Orange Coast CrossFit

I noticed once I started using the Marc Pro, my body would feel more relaxed. I felt a sense of relaxation and recovery that I didn’t really get out of doing my usual cool down.

Kenny Leverich
CrossFit Games Athlete
Katie Hogan
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Julie Foucher
CrossFit Games Athlete
Ron Mathews
2015 CrossFit Games 45-49 Masters 3rd Place Finisher
  • Nickname: "Suzy Q"
  • Year Started Competing: 2009
  • 4x University National Gold Medalist, University American Record Holder - Clean and Jerk, 2x University Games and World Team Member
  • Favorite Lift: Snatch
  • Currently trains in Houston, TX at H-Town Barbell Club

I love using the MarcPro Plus for recovery throughout my training cycle but it becomes my best friend during my high volume high intensity training phase. I wouldn’t be able to get up in the morning without it

Suzy Sanchez
Team USA Weightlifting
Emily Schromm
Personal Trainer, Fitness Star
Emily Schromm
  • Nickname: "Em"
  • Year Became Trainer: 2010 was when the gym quite literally saved my life and I know that helping others was my life calling.
  • Notable Accomplishments: Women's Health Magazine's 2015 Next Fitness Star, MTV Real World Challenge Rivals 2 Winner
  • Currently trains in Denver, CO at CrossFit Park Hill

I cannot get enough of the Marc Pro. If my body is achey from working on my feet all day or if my shoulder is angry from too many Jerks, I know that I can come home and immediately feel better after a thirty minute session with the Marc Pro. I highly suggest it to any athlete, any competitor, or any one who is sick of those nagging aches and pains their training can cause. There is nothing more valuable than being able to take care of your body when needed.

Emily Schromm
Personal Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 Coach, Fitness Star
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CrossFit Games Athlete
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  • 8x CrossFit Games Individual Athlete
  • Finished 4th at 2019 CrossFit Games
  • Owner/ Head coach of CrossFit Mentality

The Marc Pro is my go to recovery method. Allowing me to recover quickly and get back at it, the Marc Pro has become part of my training regimen that I will not go a day without. Whether you are an elite athlete going for the gold, or a weekend warrior looking to take your training to another level and simply recover faster, I highly recommend owning the Marc Pro.

Scott Panchik
CrossFit Games Athlete
Kelly Starrett, DPT
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