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Laird Hamilton
Professional Big-Wave Surfer
jordan hasay
Jordan Hasay - Pro Runner
Fastest American Women to finish Chicago Marathon
Tim Ferris
Author, Entrepreneur & Speaker
Nicholas Dinubile, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon Specializing in Sports Medicine
Nyjah Huston
Professional Skateboarder
Seth Rollins
Professional Wrestler
Julianne Hough
Dancer, Singer & Actress
April Ross
Professional Beach Volleyball Player
GQ - Recover Like a Champ
Three Ways to Beat Muscle Soreness
Kaillie Humphries
2x Olympic Gold Medalist for Bobsled
Olympic Training Facility
Frankie Edgar
UFC Lightweight Champion
Jessica Tondre
Marathon Runner
Joey Thurman
Nutrition Specialisty & Celebrity Trainer
Melvin Echard
Track & Field Athlete
Jessica Penne
UFC Strawweight
Ella Nelson
200m Sprint Runner
Joey Duck
Sprint Runner
Ameer Webb
American Sprinter
Genevieve Lacaze
2x Olympic Finalist, Australian Record Holder
Darren Kavinoky
TV Legal Analyst | Founder of 1-800-NO-CUFFS
Brianna Rollins
2016 Olympic Champion 100 Meter Hurdle
Koa Smith
Professional Surfer
Mok Ying Ren
Endurance Athlete
Patrick Fulgham
Amanda Burrill
Fitness & Lifestyle Personality
Men's Fitness
12 Best Tools to Recover from any Workout
The Gear We Can't Get Enough of
Oxygen Magazine
Tools to Stay in the Game
ESPNw - Gear we love
8 Recovery Products that will get you back in action
Men's Journal
Essential Prehab Gear
Outside - Damage Control
Get the most from your training by recovering right
Hunter McIntyre
Professional Spartan Racer
Hunter McIntyre
Pro Spartan Racer
Louie Vito
Professional Snowboarder
Elliot Block
Endurance Athlete
Nicholas DiNubile, MD
Marc Pro for Dancers
John Schaeffer
Olympic and Pro Athletic Trainer
Jeremy Berger
Gear Patrol
Nicholas Dinubile, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon Specializing in Sports Medicine
Dr. Wayne Westcott
Ph.D, Fitness Expert, Author, Research Scientist
John Schaeffer
Olympic and Pro Athletic Trainer
Mike Van Zutphen
Marc Pro for Tennis Players
Ray Sanchez
Kate Martini Freeman
Run It Forward, Ultra-Runner
Terry Weyman, D.C., C.C.S.P.
Pepperdine University Chiropractor
Kevin Nee
Strongman Competitor