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Proven by elite athletes, tested by experts, engineered to deliver recovery to everyone.

  • 2017 National Road Race Champion
  • Member of Aqua Blue Sport Squad

“I have been using Marc Pro for a few months now and have really found a benefit during hard blocks of training and especially racing. Even with regular massage, I sometimes used to find my legs would be sore during stage races from back to back days of racing. I bring my unit with me to the races and love to put it on on the bus ride back to the hotel – I find it makes a huge difference in my soreness the following day, and makes my legs feel a hell of a lot better!”

Larry Warbasse
Professional Cyclist
Bicycling Magazine
2020 Fitness, Training and Nutrition Awards
Peloton Magazine
Active Recovery With Marc Pro
  • Domestic Elite road racing team

Marc Pro Cycling is a USA Cycling registered Domestic Elite road racing team consisting of 15 fully supported Pro/1 racers. The team competes at some of the biggest races in the US against national and international competition, in addition to maintaining a strong presence at the regional NorCal level.

Marc Pro Cycling
Domestic Elite Cycling Team
  • Domestic Elite Cyclist

“I travel a lot for races, and on days when I can’t get ample enough recovery, I genuinely find that using the Marc Pro helps flush out whatever lactic I built up during the race day, which helps me feeling more refreshed for the next day than if I didn’t.”

Sam Boardman
Marc Pro Cycling - Domestic Elite Team
Marc Pro Cycling on Trainer Road
Bicycling Magazine
My New Favorite Recovery Aid
  • Domestic Elite Cyclist

“Whether its during a stage race or a hectic week balancing training and work, using the Marc Pro when I have downtime flushes out the waste built up in the muscles and loosen stiff legs keeping me fresh and ready to go for the next race or workout.”

Torey Philipp
Marc Pro Cycling - Domestic Elite Team
  • Marc Pro Cycling Team Manager
  • Geology Professor at Sonoma State

“With a little one running around the house at home, I have much less time to ride. I often can only sneak out for an hour or so, and in order to maximize my time I do very little warm up and cool down. The Marc Pro is wonderful when the little one goes to sleep and life finally settles down at night. I can relax and finally loosen up my legs and recover from the short and intense training sessions.”

Phil Mooney
Marc Pro Cycling Team Manager
  • Domestic Elite Cyclist
  • Favorite Race: Copperopolis

“In an incredibly physically demanding sport like cycling you have to preform at your best day in and day out sometimes for weeks on end. Having a Marc pro is like having a personal massage therapist that can fit in your pocket, work on whatever part of your body needs attention, whenever you want so you can feel fresh and ready to perform everyday.”

Sam Anderson Moxley
Marc Pro Cycling - Domestic Elite Team
  • Domestic Elite Cyclist
  • Favorite Place to Ride: Sacramento Delta

“During long travel periods I use the Marc Pro once or twice a day to keep my body feeling fresh and ready for competition.”

Willie Meyers
Marc Pro Cycling - Domestic Elite Team
  • Domestic Elite Cyclist
  • Favorite Race: Nevada City

“During long transfers in between race stages, I used to get a stiff, “dead legs” feeling. That feeling subsided as soon as I hooked up the Marc Pro!”

Nate Freed
Marc Pro Cycling - Domestic Elite Team
Peloton Magazine
Marc Pro Feature
  • Nickname: Hollywood
  • Specializes in criteriums

Marc Pro helps me achieve maximum recovery after hard work outs and even on easier days I can become my best.”

Daniel Holloway
Team USA Cyclist
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Recovering While Traveling
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Neil Shirly
Road Bike Action Magazine
Giddeon Massi
2x Olympian, 20x USA Cycling Champion
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Kevin Susco
Marc Pro Strava Cycling
Chris Harland-Dunaway
Marc Pro Cycling
Justin Rossi
Marc Pro Cyling
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United Healthcare Pro Cycling
Dr. Jeff Spencer, DC
8 Time Tour de France Winning Team Doctor
Jake Keough
2012 United Healthcare Pro Cycling Team
Morgan Schmitt
2011 United Healthcare Pro Cycling Team
Rory Sutherland
2012 United Healthcare Pro Cycling Team