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Raised in Baseball | Marc Pro Video Review for Youth Baseball Players

Tanner Carson is a 13-year-old baseball player from Texas making a name for himself in the game. His goal to is encourage other aspiring athletes to keep their dreams alive. Through his Raised in Baseball social media accounts, Tanner creates a community for youth baseball players, shares tips, and reviews popular baseball products along the way. In this video review, Tanner and his dad Brian discuss Marc Pro and its impact on baseball players.

How Marc Pro Differs from a TENS Unit

Traditional TENS units can provide some temporary pain relief to problem areas. A tingly, pain masking signal is delivered through its attached electrodes, which can achieve some relief while the device is turned on, but doesn’t provide any lasting results or recovery benefits. Marc Pro works differently by creating muscle activation (which is the key facilitator for the muscle recovery process), without causing additional stress to your muscle tissue. This means you can recover quicker and get back to feeling your best.

Some TENS units have an additional EMS capability that will create a muscle contraction. However, these muscle contractions are harsh and lead to muscle damage after a relatively short amount of time. The recovery benefits are limited. Only Marc Pro’s exclusive technology is able to create non-fatiguing muscle contractions, giving baseball players the ability to fully recover.

Who Uses Marc Pro in Pro Baseball?

In professional baseball, Marc Pro is commonplace. Trevor Bauer and Devin Williams are two names that can be found using Marc Pro on a consistent basis. Trevor Bauer even uses Marc Pro in between innings. Tanner and Brian Carson share that most professional players they talk to, regardless of if they pitch or not, have heard about Marc Pro. Most of them use it after they throw or workout to speed their recovery.

Youth Baseball Players

marc pro video review

For athletes who are planning on playing the game long term, you have to start worrying about recovery at a younger age. If you wait until you’re older to start implementing better recovery, the damage will already be done. Taking a proactive approach with youth baseball players is ideal for keeping them healthy in the long run.

Tanner uses Marc Pro after hard games and workouts for about 30-60 minutes. He wakes up the next day feeling much better and nowhere near as sore as he would’ve been without it.

Making the Investment

High level athletes, pro clubs, and college teams all use Marc Pro for muscle recovery and injury prevention. “When you’ve got guys that are professional athletes endorsing it just by saying ‘I use it everyday’ and the trainer has multiple Marc Pros in the training room, that tells you it’s a legit product.” When the goal is to stay in the game and keep your body healthy for the future, Marc Pro is well worth the investment. Put Marc Pro to the test for yourself with our risk-free 30 day trial. If you don’t love it, we’ll pay for the return and refund your money.