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How Perfect Game Baseball Players are Recovering Faster & Preventing Injuries

The World Wood Bat National Championship is one of the largest tournaments of the year in amateur baseball. This Perfect Game event held in Jupiter, FL hosts 100 teams from across North America, with over 700 scouts and coaches in attendance. It’s the place to be seen for serious high school baseball players.

With science and technology becoming a standard component of training, this year’s event included a recovery zone provided by Marc Pro, Perfect Game’s Official Recovery Technology Partner. Players were able to stop by to take advantage of the recovery tool used by every team in Major League Baseball.

What is Marc Pro?

Marc Pro is a muscle stimulator that creates muscle contractions to provide active recovery benefits. Throw Marc Pro on whatever muscle group you’re sore in – whether that’s an elbow, shoulder, etc – and rather than icing to constrict blood vessels, the device actually brings in fresh blood and flushes out waste. Marc Pro uses a patented set of parameters to send the electrical current through your skin, which allows Marc Pro to deliver nutrients and flush waste without ever causing fatigue.

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“Honestly, this is the best investment I’ve bought for throwing. I love it…I use it all the time after I get done throwing. I feel like this would be a great investment for any pitcher or thrower.” – Patrick Sullivan, Perfect Game Baseball Athlete

How Does it Help Baseball Players?

If you’re throwing a lot, adding Marc Pro to your routine is going to help get your arm back to feeling good so you can keep throwing immediately, without soreness or stiffness. It’s also going to help prevent overuse injuries and keep your muscles fresh. Players who throw and throw and don’t put in the proper recovery time are setting themselves up for injury.

For athletes dedicated to progressing to the next level, every advantage is necessary. Baseball players push their bodies hard and Marc Pro is a tool that helps these athletes prevent overuse, reduce arm stiffness and soreness, and gets them back on the field quicker, feeling better. This is what Marc Pro does better than anything else.  

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