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Overtraining | Discover the Causes, Warning Signs & Prevention Tips

Overtraining is not just a problem that professional athletes have to deal with. Amateur athletes, recreational athletes, and fitness enthusiasts...

Top 4 Triathlon Training Recovery Tips from Heather Jackson

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Kelly Starrett’s Guide to Recovering from Crossfit Open Workout 18.2

You made it through Crossfit open workout 18.1 and are now ready to take on 18.2. Before you do, make...

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How to Recover from Crossfit Open Workouts with Kelly Starrett

The most competitive time of the year for Crossfitters is here. For the next five weeks, a new workout will...

6 Techniques for Post Triathlon Recovery From Heather Jackson

An Ironman race is the most grueling and intense type of triathlon. Once you finish an Ironman, your body is...

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Catching Up With Health & Fitness Expert Ben Greenfield

Marc Pro Athlete Spotlight: Ben Greenfield To some triathletes, progress is almost as important as finishing at the top of...

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Do This, Not That With Your Workout Routine

The entire purpose of any exercise is to improve health and fitness. Almost everyone has some good and bad workout...

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Brian MacKenzie: Lower Back Muscle Pain and Leg Recovery Tips

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The Performance Athlete’s Guide to Muscle Recovery

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Avid Cyclist? Here Are Your Top 10 Cycling Muscle Recovery Tips

Cycling is a very popular recreational activity and often a form of transportation for many people. Whether you ride a...

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9 Ways To Speed Muscle Recovery

Making sure your muscles recover from exercise is very important if you want to have a consistent routine of training...

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Arm Pain Driving You Crazy? Here are the Best Ways to Naturally Treat the Condition

Lifting, grabbing, and throwing are all very common activities, especially for athletes. What do these activities have in common? They...

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The Best Way to Aid Muscle Recovery

Your muscles are what give you the ability to do all of the enjoyable things in life that require movement;...