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The Best Way to Aid Muscle Recovery

best ways to aid muscle recoveryYour muscles are what give you the ability to do all of the enjoyable things in life that require movement; from dancing at a party to shooting a basketball, many of the daily activities people enjoy require sufficient use of the body’s various muscles. To keep your muscles in peak condition, they must be exercised and given the time to recover properly from exercise to ensure maximum growth and conditioning. The best way to aid muscle recovery is to do a combination of things, so your body has a chance to return your muscles to optimal form.

Stretch Intensely

Stretching has long been considered an important part of physical fitness for various reasons. While the popular myth that stretching before a workout will help you reduce injury has been debunked several times as false, stretching can actually be a great thing to consider when you are thinking about the best way to aid muscle recovery. According to Muscle & Fitness, intensely stretching a muscle recently exercised can help the growth rate of the muscle by activating more satellite cells and bodily substances that encourage hypertrophy. You may also choose to incorporate stretching through yoga, an activity that can help promote flexibility and muscle growth throughout the body.

Rest Sufficiently

Though you never want to remain extremely still after strenuous exercise, rest is still important. Make sure you give your muscles at least 24 hours, if not more, of rest before you decide to work them again; otherwise, you run the risk of injuring them, which will work against your efforts to reduce pain in your muscles. You also need to ensure you are receiving enough sleep at night; the exact amount of sleep each person needs varies, but most experts suggest somewhere between seven and nine hours as the right number. Sleep is especially important for athletes; research has shown that getting more rest can be tied to increased athletic performance, so make sure you do not neglect this critical part of your muscle recovery.

Improve Blood Flow

The way blood flows around the muscles in your body has a big impact on how well you can recover, since blood flow is what delivers the nutrients that muscles need to rebuild. Blood flow also takes waste away from the muscles, where it can be properly excreted from the body. One of the best ways to help you enhance blood flow
in an effort to improve your muscle recovery is to use a device that helps promote blood flow.

The Marc Pro is a kind of tool that can be a critical component of muscle recovery, since it effectively helps muscles get more nutrients and eliminate waste. Use of the Marc Pro not only speeds up recovery, but can also help your muscles perform better. The best way to aid muscle recovery is by applying the Marc Pro in conjunction with these other tips, so you have a balanced approach to muscle recovery that allows you to compete or train more frequently and perform at your peak.