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Do This, Not That With Your Workout Routine

good and bad workout and recovery tipsThe entire purpose of any exercise is to improve health and fitness. Almost everyone has some good and bad workout and recovery tips, but you should pay close attention to the ones that are right for you.

All Workouts are Good, Right?

There are actually some types of workouts that may not be healthy for you. Always keep in mind your body’s limits and capabilities. You might be a great swimmer, but that does not necessarily mean you can go rock climbing without a problem. Pay close attention to your body and set your expectations accordingly.

Do’s and Don’ts

Before jumping into your next routine, consider these good and bad workout and recovery tips:

• Don’t eat less – one common myth when seeking better fitness is to lose weight by starving your body. This can actually hinder your workout progress and your overall health. Instead, watch the types of foods you eat but keep your calorie counts at a healthy level for your body. Replace bad carbohydrates such as bread with good proteins and carbs such as fish or nuts. You will not go hungry, and your body will actually lose weight because it is processing food properly.

• Do vary your workout – you can do the elliptical every day for a while, but your body can adapt and adjust to the routine, which will cause your progress to halt. Add other workouts and change up the exercises so your body stays “on alert” and becomes better conditioned. If you like to run, try adding some weightlifting just before your run. If you play softball, try incorporating some yoga or other types of workouts. The variety will keep you excited about what to try next while your body continues to improve.

• Don’t overdo it – with all types of exercise, form can be much more important than the number of reps. When doing sit-ups or push-ups make sure your form is as close to perfect as possible. This gives you the most out of each rep so your body responds more effectively to the training. This goes for weight training also – avoid doing heavy weights that are beyond your body’s limits. Instead go lighter and work on the perfect form for the weight training.

• Do take a break – recovery is essential for a healthy body. Muscles need time to rebuild themselves and prepare for the next workout. Injuries that are ignored can lead to more serious complications. Always pay close attention to injuries and take breaks from your workouts to let your body recover. You can do yoga or stretch, but take it easy, so you can heal.

Make Fitness Fun

The best advice is to do something that is fun for you. Find activities you enjoy and you will stick with them. The longer you continue those activities, the greater the health and wellness benefit. Enjoy your workout, and remember to add in rest and recovery.