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Sore Glutes
A Few Solutions to Relieve the Tightness & Pain
Eric Cressey Podcast
The Icing Myth & How to Really Maximize Recovery
The 4 Stages of Muscle Recovery
& How to Speed Them Up
user tip electrode care

User Tip | How to Make your Electrodes & Lead Wires Last Longer

Marc Pro users, these are some tips you don’t want to miss. Your device is robust and can last for...

body positioning tips

4 Body Positioning Tips to Get the Most From Your Marc Pro

Did you know that your body positioning while using Marc Pro can affect your results? Anytime you use the device...

muscle recovery after workout

Marc Pro Tip: 15.3 Arms and Legs Muscle Recovery After Workout

Marc Pro Tip for 15.3. This WOD is taxing on both your arms and legs, especially in the later reps....

pre workout warm up

Marc Pro Tip: Global Arm and Leg Flush Pre Workout Warm Up

Marc Pro Tip: With 15.1 being announced shortly, here’s a great warm up tip for using Marc Pro. Use the...