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User Tip | How to Make your Electrodes & Lead Wires Last Longer

Marc Pro users, these are some tips you don’t want to miss. Your device is robust and can last for years, but it’s normal for the pads and lead wires to wear down with regular use. By using these tips you can prolong the life of your accessories, saving you money in the long run.

Proper Pad Care

Here are a few easy tips you can use to extend the stickiness of your pads.

user tip electrode care
  1. Make sure your skin is free from sweat, lotion, and oil. If your skin has any of these substances on it, use an alcohol wipe or wash the area before applying the pads. The residue it leaves behind on the pad significantly deteriorates the stickiness.
  2. After you’re done using the device, place the pads back on the “ON” side of the plastic film and into the electrode package. Seal the top of the bag and place into the Marc Pro case or somewhere dark and cool.
  3. Leaving the electrodes out or not placing them back on the film strip can cause them to wear out quicker.
  4. What to avoid: sticking the pads to the device or each other
  5. When the pads begin losing adhesion, gently rub 1-2 drops of water onto the gel surface of the pad; this may help extend usage. Just be sure that the water has evaporated before using the device.

Proper Lead Wire Care

You’ll thank yourself later for putting the lead wires away correctly.

user tip lead wire care
  1. Do not wrap the lead wires around the device.
  2. When you’re done using Marc Pro for the day, unplug the lead wires from the machine.
  3. To unplug the lead wires, pull the thicker plug insert, instead of pulling on the lead wire. 
  4. Wrap the leads loosely around your hand and put them in their compartment in the carrying case.
  5. Don’t put too much stress or bend the ends of the lead wires, this is where they tend to break when repetitive stress is applied.

Marc Pro has only been tested using our accessories. Using other products may affect your results and these tips may not apply.

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