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How to do Burpees like CrossFit Games Athlete Noah Ohlsen

The infamous burpee. You hate to love them and you love to hate them. Burpees are a simple movement, but...


3 Tactics to Increase your Thruster Efficiency & Improve Recovery

Whether it’s the CrossFit Games or a local throwdown, the thruster is almost certainly going to come up. Or, maybe...

murph workout

Scott Panchik’s Guide to Conquering the Murph Workout

Murph is a benchmark workout in the CrossFit community. It’s typically completed on Memorial Day in honor of our fallen...

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Scott Panchik: The Mindset of a Crossfit Games Athlete

Competitions like the CrossFit Games are not only a test of an athlete’s physical strength but mentally what they are...

Improve Your Snatch Technique with this Drill from Ben Smith

Ben Smith, 9x Crossfit Games Athlete, taught himself how to snatch over the years by watching YouTube videos from athletes...

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Emily Bridgers: Handling the Pressure of the CrossFit Games

Do you crumble or thrive when the pressure is on? CrossFit Games athlete Emily Bridgers shares some tips for channeling...

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Ben Smith Shares His Honest Thoughts on Training & Competing

“How does your training change leading up to the CrossFit Games?” When we first asked Ben Smith to answer this...