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How to do Burpees like CrossFit Games Athlete Noah Ohlsen

how to do burpees

The infamous burpee. You hate to love them and you love to hate them.

Burpees are a simple movement, but don’t let that fool you, they are incredibly difficult. Just a few burpees will get you winded, quickly raise your heart rate, and work your entire body. However, what makes burpees so difficult is also why they are such a great exercise. Not only do you get the benefits of cardio, you also develop strength and plyometric explosiveness. Since burpees only use the weight of your body, you can also do them almost anywhere, which is just another reason they are so wonderful. With all the benefits burpees have to offer, it’s safe to say they are here to stay.   

Burpees are a staple in the fitness world, so it’s worth taking the time to learn how to do them right. CrossFit Games athlete Noah Ohlsen walks you through how to do burpees, common mistakes to avoid, and how you can recover from this strenuous movement.

How to do Burpees Correctly

Noah likes to break his burpee coaching tips down into three simple steps.

Step 1: The first step is to get your body flat on the ground, stomach down. You can accomplish that any way you want. Noah recommends bending down into a squat position, bringing your hands forward to the ground, jump your feet back, and then chest to the floor.

Step 2: Push your chest off the ground and arch your back. Catapult your feet towards your hands by popping your hips. The goal is to get your feet as close to your hands as possible, doing so will keep your legs in a straighter position for when you execute the next step.

Step 3: Stand up. Then, simultaneously jump up and clap overhead.

Common Burpee Mistakes


Most mistakes happen during Step 2 of the burpee progression. Often times, people won’t jump their feet close enough to their hands, causing themselves to get into a compromised position. This puts a lot of unnecessary pressure and tension on your knees. Plus, the closer you can jump your feet to your hands, the easier it makes Step 3 when you go to stand, jump, and clap.

Muscle Recovery from Burpees

Burpees will likely leave you sore and tired, which is why it’s important to recover your muscles after doing burpees. Noah finds that his upper body, especially his chest and triceps, get the most sore from all the pressing and clapping overhead. To quickly recover, Noah uses Marc Pro, placing one pad on his outer chest and the other pad from the same lead wire on his triceps. He repeats that on his opposing arm and flushes out all the soreness and brings nourishment into the area. One of the benefits of Marc Pro is its versatility. No matter where you get sore or fatigued, you can use Marc Pro to quickly recover.

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