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Scott Panchik: The Mindset of a Crossfit Games Athlete

Competitions like the CrossFit Games are not only a test of an athlete’s physical strength but mentally what they are capable of doing as well. Sometimes the tasks that are thrown at competitors during the Games are a measure of how much heart and desire they have to continue moving forward when things get tough. CrossFit Games Athlete Scott Panchik makes sure his mind is just as strong as his body. In this video, Scott gives us a glimpse into the mindset of a CrossFit Games Athlete.

athlete mindsetHow Does Scott Panchik Train His Athlete Mindset?

Scott Panchik starts off each day by waking up and reading a chapter from a book. Usually it’s something that is motivational and inspiring. From this, he comes up with a word and an intention for the day. Doing this exercise helps lead him into the gym feeling more motivated and determined.

Training Partners are Key

Having great training partners and people around who motivate you is extremely important. You want to surround yourself with people who won’t let you settle for anything but your best. Training partners can help push you and keep you going even when you feel like giving up.

Scott also really tries to put a focus on training his mind as much as he trains his body to help himself get mentally prepared for competitions such as Regionals or the CrossFit Games. If your mind is trained to withstand setbacks and obstacles, then when pain and agony come into play you will know how to push it out of your head and keep moving forward. Having the right mindset and ability to persevere can make or break any athlete’s performance.

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