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Emily Bridgers: Handling the Pressure of the CrossFit Games

Do you crumble or thrive when the pressure is on? CrossFit Games athlete Emily Bridgers shares some tips for channeling pressure into a positive result. The difference between good athletes and exceptional athletes is often their mental game. Say two athletes have the same skill set, but one thrives under pressure and one crumbles, who do you think it going to perform better come game or competition time? If you can’t perform when it matters most, you won’t be able to make it very far.

How to Handle Competition Pressure

1. Stay Calm

Try to stay calm for as long as possible. Stressing about an event before it happens will waste energy, which you’re going to need once that event comes around.

2. Use Nerves to your Advantage

Being nervous is a good thing. Competitors know that nerves are going to help you out as long as when you get to the competition floor you know how to control them. Many times, people let their nerves affect them negatively. For instance, they go out too hard, get amped up because the crowd is amped up, or they hold their breath. Instead, remain calm and focus that energy into your performance.

competition pressure3. Visualization

Practice visualizing yourself during the event being as successful as possible. Picture yourself winning or reaching your goals. Don’t let yourself go to a negative mental space before or during the event. If you remain positive and visualize yourself winning that event, there’s a much greater chance of it actually happening. The power of positivity is strong.

Mentality during an event can make or break your performance. If you want to perform well when the pressure is on, try practicing some of these tips from Emily.

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