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Top 4 Triathlon Training Recovery Tips from Heather Jackson

Heather Jackson shares her top tips for recovery following a triathlon training session. This is her typical recovery routine after...

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What Does a Triathlete’s Diet Look Like?

If you’re going to dedicate the time and energy to train for a triathlon, you should also be thinking about...

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Perfecting the Triathlon Transition | Heather Jackson

Transitions can be just as important as the swim, bike, or run. Even though the transition is a very small...

heather jackson

Getting to Know Our New Marc Pro Ambassador: Heather Jackson

Earlier this year, Marc Pro formalized a partnership with Pro Triathlete Heather Jackson and we’re thrilled to have her as...

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Interview with Emma-Kate Lidbury: Professional Triathlete

Marc Pro Athlete Spotlight: Emma-Kate Lidbury Take a look at the finishers for various USA Triathlon events over the last...

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Pro Triathlete Sarah Piampiano Discusses Muscle Recovery & Training With Marc Pro

Marc Pro Athlete Spotlight: Sarah Piampiano When you’re the top finisher at the 2012 Ochsner Ironman 70.3 New Orleans in...

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13 New Tech Tools for Triathletes featured Marc Pro as one of their favorite electronic gadgets for 2015 in “13 New Tech Tools for Triathletes”. ...

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Catching Up With Health & Fitness Expert Ben Greenfield

Marc Pro Athlete Spotlight: Ben Greenfield To some triathletes, progress is almost as important as finishing at the top of...

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Interview With Pro Triathlete Matty Reed

Marc Pro Athlete Spotlight: Matty Reed – Part II We’ve known Matty Reed for years as one of the world’s...

matty reed

Pro Triathlete Matty Reed Shares His Coaching Philosophy & Tips

Marc Pro Athlete Spotlight: Matty Reed – Part I Matty Reed became a household name in the Pro Triathlete world...

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Injury Prevention Tips and Pain Treatments for Triathletes and Runners

Triathletes and runners put themselves through some very grueling events; even the shorter sprint distance triathlons still require over 10...