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Perfecting the Triathlon Transition | Heather Jackson

triathlon transitionTransitions can be just as important as the swim, bike, or run. Even though the transition is a very small component of the triathlon compared to the endurance events, perfecting the transition can benefit any triathlete.

How Can You Achieve a Faster Triathlon Transition?

  1. Practice the Flying Mount

This is the number one thing Heather focuses on to help perfect her transition.  Even in the winter when her bike is on the trainer for 3 months, she still leaves her shoes clipped into the bike and practices getting in and out. Since Heather uses a flying mount in races, this is what she practices regularly during training. Once race day comes around, it will seem like any other day.

  1. Practice Weak Links

Going through the motions of each transition will help speed up your transition on race day. Practice the swim to bike and bike to run transition over and over. Soon enough it will become second nature and you will automatically be faster at it. If there’s a certain aspect of the transition that gives you more trouble than others, spend extra time perfecting that movement.

Why Does a Quicker Transition Matter?

Competitive Triathletes: Triathlons can be lost by seconds. If you spend an extra 30 seconds in the transition area, it could be the difference between first and second or third place.

Beginner Triathletes: Even if you aren’t racing with the goal of placing, familiarizing yourself with the triathlon transition can help make the race smoother and also allow you to keep your confidence up. You don’t want to get to the transition area and not have an understanding or flow to what you are doing.

Transition areas can be crazy and chaotic. It’s best if you have a plan and know where to go. Check out the transition area the day before the race. Familiarize yourself with the entrance, exit, and where your stuff will be. It’s common for beginners to waste a lot of time looking for their gear, which can create unnecessary stress.

Many triathletes spend a lot of their time on training for the race that they don’t leave any time to practice the transition. Be sure to dedicate at least some time to perfecting your triathlon transition.

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