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ironman recovery

How Do I Recover after an Ironman? | Brian Mackenzie Shares his Ironman Recovery Tips

You may have finished an Ironman but you’re not quite done yet. Going from a 2.4 mile swim to a...

travel fitness tips

3 Travel Fitness Tips to Keep you Healthy

It’s easy to throw nutrition and training out the window while traveling. Taking a break every now and then is...

foot health

How Healthy Are Your Feet? | Foot Consultation with Brian Mackenzie

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give much thought to your feet on a regular basis. When you...

The Unexpected Cause of Many Common Running Issues & Injuries

Some of the most common problems for runners stem from an anterior dominance. Being anterior dominant can lead to many...

release muscles

Brian Mackenzie Shows How to Use the Marc Pro Plus to Release Muscles

When tissue is really banged up, it may take a while for the low frequency setting of the Marc Pro...

managing stress

3 Tips for Managing Stress with Brian Mackenzie

Everyone experiences stress. Stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing though; it serves an important purpose in our lives. The problem...

grace wod

Grace WOD Recovery with Brian Mackenzie

What is the Grace WOD? The Grace WOD is one of the staple Crossfit workouts used to track progression over...

mobility exercises

What Mobility Exercises Should Everyone Do?

Activities of modern life, such as typing at a computer or even just being on our phones, have ultimately changed...


The Benefits of Going Barefoot with Brian Mackenzie

Most of us spend our day in shoes. We go to work in shoes, do errands in shoes, and work...


The Effects of Breathing on Recovery with Brian Mackenzie

EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption) refers to the oxygen you need to consume after a workout in order to bring...

it band

Addressing IT Band Issues with Brian Mackenzie

Iliotibial (IT) Band Syndrome is one of the most common overuse injuries for runners. Even though runners get hit the...


Nutrition Tips with Brian MacKenzie

How important is nutrition to you? Figuring the foundation of life is built upon the concept of nutrition, it should...

murph wod

Murph WOD Recovery Tips with Brian MacKenzie

  Murph is known by CrossFitters to be one of the toughest WODs out there. After all, this hero WOD...

brian mackenzie

Brian MacKenzie: How to Unglue Calf Muscles with Marc Pro Plus

Using a combination of high and low frequency, Brian MacKenzie shares his Marc Pro Plus tips for ungluing calf muscles. ...

brian mackenzie

The Inside Scoop on Brian MacKenzie & CrossFit Endurance

Marc Pro Athlete Spotlight: Brian MacKenzie It’s hard to believe that there could be any new or earth-shattering developments in...