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josh tomlin

MLB Pitcher Josh Tomlin on the “New Norm” for Pitching Recovery

For years, pitchers were advised to put ice on their arm after a game, training, or injury. The thought was...

corey kluber

Corey Kluber of the Tampa Bay Rays Chooses Marc Pro for Recovery

Corey Kluber, pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays, has used Marc Pro for the last 5 years on his shoulder...

pitching injury prevention

Josh Tomlin of the Atlanta Braves on his Injury Prevention Strategy

Josh Tomlin, pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, was first introduced to Marc Pro at the end of the season in...

baseball recovery

Baseball Pitcher Arm Recovery Tips | Driveline Baseball

Driveline Baseball has a unique approach to pitching and hitting. Their developmental programs are tested and proven to take athletes...

pitcher recovery

The Tech Tool That’s Helping Elite Pitchers Throw Harder and Recover Faster

“No body part has been as scrutinized, analyzed, and mythologized as the baseball pitcher’s throwing arm.” Stack Media looks into...

Baltimore Orioles Ahead of Curve in Injury Prevention

We are happy to see the Baltimore Orioles’ recovery program incorporating new technologies, such as the Marc Pro, to keep...