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MLB Pitcher Josh Tomlin on the “New Norm” for Pitching Recovery

pitching recovery

For years, pitchers were advised to put ice on their arm after a game, training, or injury. The thought was that it would speed recovery so athletes could get back to playing sooner. However, research has shown that icing tissue may delay healing and potentially cause even more damage. Recently, more and more pitchers, elite athletes, and training staff are putting an end to ice and taking a new approach to recovery.

Being a professional pitcher, Josh Tomlin has had his share of injuries. At the end of 2012, Josh underwent Tommy John’s surgery. In 2015, he had an AC joint surgery. Both times he felt that when he iced his arm, it would feel stiff and have a decreased range of motion. That’s when he started using the Marc Pro.

What is the “New Norm”?

Many athletes and trainers are now adopting an ice-free approach, choosing tools that are proven to effectively enhance and speed recovery. Currently, 29 of the 30 professional baseball teams use Marc Pro for recovery, injury prevention, enhanced performance, and pain relief. The key to recovering fully and efficiently is muscle activation, which is the key facilitator for the recovery process. Marc Pro is the only tool that creates non-fatiguing muscle contractions to provide endless recovery benefits. Due to the fact it is non-fatiguing, pitchers can even use it to warm-up and bring blood flow to their arms before throwing.

“Our training staff is the top training staff in Major League Baseball and we have five Marc Pro machines in our training room. They promote it. They understand it’s becoming the new norm for the elite athletes and the regular athletes as well. You have got to stop icing and start using a Marc Pro.”

Why Marc Pro?

Marc Pro isn’t an ab-building gadget or a TENS unit trying to mask pain. Our focus is on providing the most effective recovery and pain relief, which in turn will allow athletes to maintain arm strength and get back to playing at their best sooner.

“I started taking it (Marc Pro) home with me and I would just sit there with it at night and sometimes fall asleep on it and wake up at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning and it would still be on and my arm would feel amazing the next day. I would go out there and be able to play catch and actually keep that arm strength there all season and it just made a world of difference for me.”

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