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workout of the day

Workout of the Day & Recovery Plan | By Scott Panchik and Emily Bridgers

Workout and recover like a CrossFit Games Athlete. We asked Scott Panchik and Emily Bridgers to share an example of...

pistol squat

Tips for Accomplishing the Pistol Squat with Emily Bridgers

The pistol squat is a great exercise to build single leg strength, develop balance, and promote flexibility. Best of all,...

power snatch

How to Power Snatch | Tips from Crossfit Games Athlete Emily Bridgers

A power snatch involves taking the bar from the ground position to an overhead position as efficiently as possible, with...

hang squat clean

Want to Improve your Hang Squat Clean? Emily Bridgers Shares How

With hang squat cleans, we’re always thinking about dropping fast underneath the bar. As you get more advanced at the...

competition pressure

Emily Bridgers: Handling the Pressure of the CrossFit Games

Do you crumble or thrive when the pressure is on? CrossFit Games athlete Emily Bridgers shares some tips for channeling...

sumo deadlift

How to Complete the Sumo Deadlift with Emily Bridgers

  The sumo deadlift is the lesser known variation of the traditional deadlift. It requires more hip mobility and is...

crossfit games

What You Need to Know about the CrossFit® Games

  The CrossFit Games are quickly approaching, but what exactly does that mean? The Marc Pro team has the guide to...