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Baseball is a game of repetition, lots of repetition. The high reoccurrence of similar movements is a key reason baseball players of all levels use Marc Pro to prevent arm fatigue and overuse injuries. Players who train hard, throw often, and swing consistently will see real recovery results.

Marc Pro fills the gap of active recovery by providing non-fatiguing contractions to move fluid in and out of tired muscles. Removing stress on tendons and joints, eliminating energy burn, and coupling recovery with relaxing activities makes Marc Pro a perfect tool for any serious athlete. Below are a few suggested pad placements specifically designed for baseball players to recover from their sport.

Mid Arm Recovery

Activating muscles above and below the elbow is crucial for protecting grip strength and combatting the strain of throwing. This placement is a mainstay for pitchers but will benefit anyone with discomfort in the elbow or forearm.

baseball recovery

Shoulder Recovery

Shoulder health is a critical element of maintaining velocity, throwing across the infield, or assisting an out. Use this placement to increase ROM and protect the complicated joint.

baseball shoulder recovery

Opposing Lower Back Recovery

Arm care doesn’t stop at the shoulder. Most throwing motions produce strong forces on the lower back when the lead leg impacts with the ground. This rapid deceleration often leads to sore or tight lower backs, especially on the opposing side from the throwing arm. Addressing the lower back with this pad placement is vital.

baseball lower back recovery

Note: This image is an example of where to place the pads. Move the pads to surround the area where you feel sore or tight.

Leg Recovery

Legs are the foundation for nearly every movement in baseball. Increasing strength and performance for leg muscles is important for all positions, especially catchers.

Hitting and Rotation

Taking a lot of cuts during practice or extending at bats? These pad placements loosen up the muscles involved in swing rotations.

Armed with the placements above and daily use of the Marc Pro, ballplayers can confidently hit it hard to get to the next level.

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perfect game

Perfect Game, the world’s largest youth baseball and softball platform and scouting service, announced it has entered into a multiyear agreement making Huntington Beach, CA based Marc Pro its official recovery technology partner.

Marc Pro is a cutting-edge electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) tool that delivers effective muscle recovery through patented technology that creates non-fatiguing muscle activation scientifically proven to enhance each stage of the muscle recovery process. Marc Pro promotes speedy recovery from muscle soreness and fatigue, which allows athletes to return to play quickly.

“We’re very happy to welcome Marc Pro to the Perfect Game family. Partnering with Marc Pro, a company whose passion and focus are the health, well-being, and recovery of athletes, is consistent with our mission to seek out meaningful relationships that help enhance our commitment to provide best-in-class support to our young athletes,” stated Perfect Game Founder and President, Jerry Ford.

“The Marc Pro team is so excited to partner with Perfect Game in helping young athletes get to the next level,” said Marc Pro CEO, Ryan Heaney.  “We both recognize how important health and recovery is to prevent injuries and allow players to perform their very best. We look forward to accomplishing this together!”

Marc Pro is the leading recovery tool in baseball, helping players avoid injury, reduce soreness, and perform at their highest level. Marc Pro is used by athletic trainers and players from every MLB team – including more than 200 pitchers. This exclusive technology is portable, easy, and comfortable. Founded in 2011, Marc Pro proudly makes its products in the United States.

This press release was originally published by Perfect Game.

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How to Survive & Thrive: Pre and Post Arm Care for Pitchers

Tanner Carson is a 13-year-old baseball player from Texas making a name for himself in the game. His goal to is encourage other aspiring athletes to keep their dreams alive. Through his Raised in Baseball social media accounts, Tanner creates a community for youth baseball players, shares tips, and reviews popular baseball products along the way. In this video review, Tanner and his dad Brian discuss Marc Pro and its impact on baseball players.

How Marc Pro Differs from a TENS Unit

Traditional TENS units can provide some temporary pain relief to problem areas. A tingly, pain masking signal is delivered through its attached electrodes, which can achieve some relief while the device is turned on, but doesn’t provide any lasting results or recovery benefits. Marc Pro works differently by creating muscle activation (which is the key facilitator for the muscle recovery process), without causing additional stress to your muscle tissue. This means you can recover quicker and get back to feeling your best.

Some TENS units have an additional EMS capability that will create a muscle contraction. However, these muscle contractions are harsh and lead to muscle damage after a relatively short amount of time. The recovery benefits are limited. Only Marc Pro’s exclusive technology is able to create non-fatiguing muscle contractions, giving baseball players the ability to fully recover.

Who Uses Marc Pro in Pro Baseball?

In professional baseball, Marc Pro is commonplace. Trevor Bauer and Devin Williams are two names that can be found using Marc Pro on a consistent basis. Trevor Bauer even uses Marc Pro in between innings. Tanner and Brian Carson share that most professional players they talk to, regardless of if they pitch or not, have heard about Marc Pro. Most of them use it after they throw or workout to speed their recovery.

Youth Baseball Players

marc pro video review

For athletes who are planning on playing the game long term, you have to start worrying about recovery at a younger age. If you wait until you’re older to start implementing better recovery, the damage will already be done. Taking a proactive approach with youth baseball players is ideal for keeping them healthy in the long run.

Tanner uses Marc Pro after hard games and workouts for about 30-60 minutes. He wakes up the next day feeling much better and nowhere near as sore as he would’ve been without it.

Making the Investment

High level athletes, pro clubs, and college teams all use Marc Pro for muscle recovery and injury prevention. “When you’ve got guys that are professional athletes endorsing it just by saying ‘I use it everyday’ and the trainer has multiple Marc Pros in the training room, that tells you it’s a legit product.” When the goal is to stay in the game and keep your body healthy for the future, Marc Pro is well worth the investment. Put Marc Pro to the test for yourself with our risk-free 30 day trial. If you don’t love it, we’ll pay for the return and refund your money.

On Episode 24 of “Tips with Trev”, Cy Young Award winner and All-Star pitcher, Trevor Bauer, gets into the topic of post-throwing recovery. There are a lot of ways to improve recovery, but one of his favorite tools to use is Marc Pro.

Trevor bought his own device in 2012. This video was not sponsored or initiated by Marc Pro. It was developed by Trevor to share information about a tool that he believes in and thinks could be beneficial for players who are trying to develop their game. We came across this video and wanted to share it with others who could find it helpful in bettering their own performance and recovery.

“I would highly recommend it if you’re serious about baseball and serious about training and serious about your health, make the investment.”

How it Works

When you workout, there’s a lot going on within your body; chemical reactions are occurring, your muscles are breaking down, and you’re becoming more and more fatigued. These conditions signal to your body to begin the recovery process.

Marc Pro aids in facilitating and speeding the body’s natural recovery process. By creating non-fatiguing muscle contractions, Marc Pro provides a lymphatic flush, while simultaneously delivering blood and other essential nutrients to damaged areas. Basically, Marc Pro gets rid of the bad stuff and brings in the good stuff. At the same time, it also facilitates the release of myokines and optimally remodels the tissue once it’s been repaired.

Why Use Marc Pro for Pitching Recovery?

To kickstart your body’s recovery process, you can use other active recovery methods, such as going for a light run. But, the problems with that are 1) the movement is not targeted to your arms and 2) you’ll get fatigued after a relatively short period of time. If you’re able to swim, that will help with the targeting issue, but then again who has a pool handy at all times?

Marc Pro is a passive recovery tool, meaning you can use it while you’re relaxing or traveling between games. It doesn’t require any extra effort and it won’t tire you out. After pitching, Trevor Bauer wears it for 1-3 hours, sometimes even overnight. Even though Trevor has been using Marc Pro since 2012, in the last 3-4 years he’s adopted a new protocol – using the device in between innings. Players have found that when you use Marc Pro in between innings you’re less sore after the game and you’re able to maintain your velocity deeper into the game.

Now days, Trevor uses the device during and after the game to ensure his body is fresh and ready to go for the next outing. For athletes who are on a high intensity and high volume training program, it’s particularly important to take care of your recovery. Your body can only handle so much wear and tear.

“It allows me to train harder, more often, which allows me to get closer to game levels, and practice skills that I would be using in game – at game intensities.”

How Trevor Bauer Uses Marc Pro

With high intensities and exceedingly repetitive motions, arm care is essential for baseball players. Most baseball players choose to use Marc Pro on their elbows and shoulders, but you can use it on any muscle group that’s tired and sore. Below are the pad placements that Trevor Bauer typically uses to recover in between innings and after the game.

In the Dugout:

For convenience and time purposes, the elbow is the easiest spot to target when using Marc Pro in the dugout. Trevor places a pad on his inner elbow, outer elbow, forearm, and bicep. Once the inning is over, he takes the pads off and goes back out to pitch. Keep in mind this protocol does require a little bit of extra time (15-20 seconds), which means fewer throws on the mound, but for him it’s worth it since he feels a lot better throughout the game and doesn’t get nearly as sore.

trevor bauer

After the Game:

Shoulder recovery is a big one for baseball players. During the game, it’s hard to reach the shoulder when there’s a jersey and sweat in the way. But, once you have the opportunity, using Marc Pro on your shoulder will provide some amazing effects. Sometimes, Trevor even uses it on his legs if he had a long outing and his legs are feeling worn down. Wherever you feel sore or tired, there’s likely a Marc Pro pad placement for it.

“I noticed a big jump when I started using it in how sore I was the next day. I was way less sore. I feel fresh throughout the game and I know I’m doing what I can to help my body recover.”

To get more tips on how to end your slumps faster and become a superstar sooner, subscribe to Trevor Bauer’s YouTube channel. You won’t be disappointed.

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3 Mobility Exercises for Baseball Players from Kelly Starrett

Kelly Starrett of MobilityWOD shares a few solutions for baseball pitchers to help restore range of motion and improve some of the requisite mechanics for throwing.  Each mobility exercise should only take about 2 minutes, so you can wrap this whole thing up in ten minutes or less.

1. Anterior Barbell Smash

baseball mobility exercises

Consistent throwing often causes the shoulder to develop into a weakened position (shoulder “cheating” forward). This compromised position puts a lot of tissues into untenable situations that is not only mechanically ineffective, but can also lead to elbow injuries. The first mobility exercise in this routine is an easy way to address some of the soft tissue dysfunction and soft tissue restriction that may be limiting your shoulder’s rotation.

2. Rotator Cuff/Subscapularis

baseball mobility exercises

Throwing can cause the muscles in the armpit region to become very stiff. The subscapularis is one of those muscles that is often affected since it branches from the rotator cuff. The magic of this next mobility exercise is to address the relationship of the subscapularis to the rotator cuff and restore rotation.

3. Scapula

baseball mobility exercises

An important part of being able to rotate thoroughly is maintaining a healthy relationship between the scapula and the rest of the body. In order to maintain a healthy connection, you need to provide some input to the soft tissues between the scapula and spine. This third mobility exercise will help provide the necessary input for the area while also mobilizing the ribs, which sometimes get stiff.

baseball mobility exercises

Check back in soon for part II that focuses on pre and post arm care!

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How to Improve Grip Strength

injury prevention for baseball pitchersBaseball pitchers are throwing faster, training harder, and pushing the limits more now than ever before. With that comes the question: When the pressure to perform consistently is on, how do you keep up without falling victim to overuse injury?

MUCL injuries and rotator cuff tears are some of the most common overuse injuries in baseball. Repetitive motions and excessive strain on the same muscles, tendons, and ligaments can lead to an increased risk for overuse injuries.  The good news is that there are measures that can be taken to avoid overuse injuries and stay in the game.

“A MUCL injury results in an average of 17.2 months out of competition at the professional level.”1

Injury Prevention Tips for Baseball Pitchers

1. Warm Up

Warming up before throwing is an important step in injury prevention. During a warm up, blood flow increases in your body, increasing the temperature of your muscles. When muscles are warmed, their elasticity increases which reduces muscle tension and allows the muscles to contract efficiently. Including a warm up prior to pitching can also help improve your range of motion. Decreased rotation and flexion can lead to an increased risk for elbow injuries, especially at the pro level.

“Overuse is the predominant mechanism of injury in youth baseball players.”1

2. Strengthen

injury prevention for baseball pitchersDuring offseason especially, make sure you continue to strengthen and condition your muscles. Going from 0 to 100 once the season starts up again is almost a sure fire way to get an injury. At the pro and college level, many players get injured during the progression from off season to in season training. While taking a break is essential, it’s recommended to maintain strength and gradually increase workload while transitioning into training. This will help prevent overuse injuries. When muscles, tendons, and ligaments are strong, they can take on more activity and won’t be as likely to break down.

3. Recover

Because overuse is so strongly related to baseball pitching injuries, recovery has to be an essential part of every pitcher’s training routine. From youth athletes to pro pitchers, every level of players are at risk for overuse injuries. Recovery techniques should be used after every game or throwing session. Most importantly, athletes should make sure they are fully recovered before pitching again. Over 200 professional pitchers and all 30 MLB teams use Marc Pro to recover and prevent injuries. One of the advantages of Marc Pro is that you can recover faster and get back to pitching the next day fully recovered.

1Melugin, Heath P. et al. “Injury Prevention in Baseball: From Youth to the Pros.” Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine 11.1 (2018): 26–34. PMC. Web. 26 Apr. 2018.

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