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Sore Glutes
A Few Solutions to Relieve the Tightness & Pain
Eric Cressey Podcast
The Icing Myth & How to Really Maximize Recovery
The 4 Stages of Muscle Recovery
& How to Speed Them Up
speed recovery

The Secret to Speeding Up the 4 Stages of Muscle Recovery

Is there a magic elixir that whisks away soreness and repairs muscles at the speed of light? No, not really...


How to: Recover Faster from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Another workout absolutely crushed at the gym! Endorphins are flying high through pumped muscles that just put in a ton...

unexplained upper arm pain

Unexplained Upper Arm Pain? Make sure it’s not Connected to a Heart Issue

A pain in the arm can come from a number of different sources: problems with your bones, tendon issues, muscular...