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Unexplained Upper Arm Pain? Make sure it’s not Connected to a Heart Issue

Unexplained upper arm pain and heart issuesA pain in the arm can come from a number of different sources: problems with your bones, tendon issues, muscular pain, etc. One dangerous potential cause of upper arm pain, however, is heart issues. If you have been experiencing unexplained upper arm pain recently, you should make sure that the problem is not related to a heart disorder or condition that could put you in grave danger.

Why Arm Pain and Heart Issues Are Related

The reason some people may experience pain in their arms when they are dealing with a heart issue is because of the way the human nerve system is designed. Nerves run all over the body, but there are specific nerves that connect the center parts of the heart to the upper arm area.

According to HealthTap, the nerve that is primarily responsible for painful sensations in the arm as a result of heart issues is the C3,4,5, phrenic nerve. For older men and women, arm pain is often a symptom of a heart attack, especially if the pain is accompanied by a feeling of dullness or numbness in the arm. Even if you are relatively young, pain in your arm can still be connected to issues with your heart.

How to Tell if Your Arm Pain is Heart-Related

If you have been dealing with arm pain that you think may be connected to heart problems, the first thing you should do is contact a medical care provider to set up an examination. Only a qualified physician or highly-trained nurse will be able to determine if your arm pain is connected to a heart issue or not.

If you aren’t able to get to a doctor or urgent care provider right away, try to determine the type of pain that you are experiencing. If your pain feels numb or dull and if you also have pains in your chest, it may be related to your heart. On the other hand, if there is a certain bone or joint in your arm that hurts more than the rest of the arm, it may be a trauma-related arm injury that you sustained from athletic activity or working out.

How to Treat Muscular Arm Pain

If you are able to determine that the pain in your arm is a result of a muscular issue, such as soreness from working out, there are plenty of standard options to treat this type of problem. However, one of the best options for eliminating pain in your upper arm that is related to a muscle issue is the Marc Pro Plus.

The Marc Pro Plus uses gentle electric pulses to help ease muscle pain in the arms by helping with recovery throughout the area where it is applied. By assisting with the delivery of nourishment in and out of your arm muscles, the Marc Pro can allow its users to more quickly rid themselves of waste products in an effort to advance the muscle rebuilding process. This means you can help avoid problematic arm pain that gets in the way of the things you want to do.

Arm pain can be very dangerous if it is not treated correctly. No matter how old you are, it is important to protect your health by consulting with a medical authority and take all the steps possible to treat your pain.

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