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Some people might think that 5.5 hours of cycling is insane. But, for Marc Pro Cycling rider Kyle Kirby, it’s just another day of training. Kyle shares his cycling workout and how he uses Marc Pro post-ride to recover and relieve pain. If your legs are exhausted and need some help, try using Kyle’s recovery routine.

cycling workoutsWorkout Details

Distance: 88.89 miles / 143 kilometers

Time: 5.5 hrs

Elevation gain: 6500 ft

Description: The main objective is to get long consistent miles with some climbing at a decent pace. This was the second day into a three day block where I rode over 5 hours each day. This is known as base building. Getting miles in the legs is imperative to a successful race season. With limited time to train during the week I use these 3-4 day blocks to build my form and set the foundation for the upcoming season. When doing back to back days that are this long and demanding I use the Marc Pro Plus to accelerate recovery before the next training day. Once I finish the training ride I will get a quick Herbalife protein smoothie in and will quickly get a meal prepared to help get the recovery process started.

Marc Pro Details

cycling workoutsAfter a big block of training I like to use my Marc Pro to recover in a few ways. The Marc Pro is great to flush the legs and get ready for another big day of riding, but it’s also great for maintenance work on any small issues sustained while training. I use my Marc Pro Plus to deal with some minor right knee pain, following their placement guide from the website. Recovery time from minor issues I’ve had are greatly reduced by treating it with my Marc Pro unit.

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How do you recover from a long ride? Willie Myers, rider for the Marc Pro Cycling Team, gave some insight on how he used his Marc Pro to recover from a 5+ hour cycling workout.

Winter months mean long, slow rides and being in Sacramento I have no shortage of flat, uninterrupted riding. I started at my house and decided to ride up north to a little town called Wheatland that I’d never been to. From there, I pedaled through some nice countryside enjoying some scenery before heading back south and into town. On days like this, I will keep the heart rate low in z1-2 and just stack on the miles while keeping close attention to eating and hydrating correctly.

Workout Details:

Distance: 98.3 miles

Time: 5 hour 48 min

Elevation gain: 2,346 ft

Willie uses Strava to track his ride details. You can see more info from his ride here.

Marc Pro Recovery Details:

My usual Marc Pro session includes about 30 minutes of work on the quads with some hip flexor and glute work thrown in if needed. Some days can be harder than others on certain parts of the body, so I try to vary my Marc Pro usage accordingly.

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