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You look out the window, immediately sigh and mumble to yourself, “Looks absolutely frigid out there,” as you check your phone for the day’s high temps. The forecast reads 10 degrees as a high and prompts you to wrap yourself even tighter in your blanket and lay back down. Barely into winter, you already have your summer countdown going and your motivation is about as warm as the temperatures outside—very, very low. Sound familiar?

So what can you do to beat those winter workout blues? The Marc Pro team has a few tips to get you out the door and training for those spring personal bests!

Excuse: It’s way too dark outside to train.

Excuse: It’s too cold outside to workout.

emblogpicExcuse: My muscles ache more when it’s cold out.

Excuse: I just do not feel like doing anything physical during this time of year.

Excuse: I don’t feel like I have a goal I am trying to achieve.

While it may not always be the easiest to brace for strong winds and blustery snow during the winter, with the right tools and preparation, you can still have amazing workouts. And remember, “I so regret doing that workout,” said no one!