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“But Baby It’s Cold Outside” – How To Stay Motivated During Winter Workouts

You look out the window, immediately sigh and mumble to yourself, “Looks absolutely frigid out there,” as you check your phone for the day’s high temps. The forecast reads 10 degrees as a high and prompts you to wrap yourself even tighter in your blanket and lay back down. Barely into winter, you already have your summer countdown going and your motivation is about as warm as the temperatures outside—very, very low. Sound familiar?

So what can you do to beat those winter workout blues? The Marc Pro team has a few tips to get you out the door and training for those spring personal bests!

Excuse: It’s way too dark outside to train.

  • We all know that the winter months bring less light. Early morning workouts have to be done in complete darkness, and after work, the sun has already set, making it feel like you are living in a cave for months at a time. Here’s a tip to beat the darkness: Add a “Wake-Up Light” in your bedroom which has been clinically proven to “make waking up more pleasant” as the light gradually becomes brighter. In the evenings, make sure that you have reflective gear strapped on before your first steps, and workout in well-lit areas. Embrace the calm of the dark with a positive attitude.

Excuse: It’s too cold outside to workout.

  • This is the time to stock up on good layering pieces and before you know it, you’ll embrace the crispness of the air. A good pair of gloves, tights, and ear warmers paired with a breathable, but warm jacket can make a dramatic difference in your quality of workouts, and how the elements affect you. Regardless of the temperatures, you won’t ever regret getting outside for a workout.

emblogpicExcuse: My muscles ache more when it’s cold out.

  • Shoveling snow and walking in icy conditions can cause muscle aches during the winter, and when you add intensity to outdoor training, you might have more niggles and pains than during the warmer months due to your muscles not being ‘warmed up.’ Try using the the Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus to warm your muscles. In fact, many athletes, especially those leading into high intensity workouts use the Marc Pro as a way to warm up. Check out how CrossFit enthusiast, nutrition coach and trainer, Emily Schromm uses Marc Pro for this purpose.

Excuse: I just do not feel like doing anything physical during this time of year.

  • While you may not feel like tackling the outdoor weather conditions, there still are many activities that you can do indoors to keep you healthy and feeling good. This is a great time of year to try something new that you have not done before. Consider taking a Zumba class at your gym, or starting to workout and meet a friend for treadmill intervals. Whatever you choose to do, just stay consistent—your body will thank you throughout the year!

Excuse: I don’t feel like I have a goal I am trying to achieve.

  • Without a goal relating to overall fitness, it can feel like all training is done in vain. But you can end this cycle by choosing a spring goal that you want to attain, and sticking to it. You may even choose to plan a spring race in a warmer climate that you can look forward to all winter long. Make sure to share your goals with others so that you can stay accountable as well.

While it may not always be the easiest to brace for strong winds and blustery snow during the winter, with the right tools and preparation, you can still have amazing workouts. And remember, “I so regret doing that workout,” said no one!