Ben Smith

CrossFit Games Athlete

MarcPro Ambassador: Ben Smith

2015 CrossFit Games Champion

9x CrossFit Games Individual Competitor

Finished on CrossFit Games podium 4 Times

Owner and head coach of CrossFit Krypton

"I feel that I get beat up a lot in my training for the games, and the Marc pro has been a major key part of my recovery from all the training. I've used one for the last few years and WITHOUT A DOUBT this has helped my back and knees recover faster and feel better on a daily basis."

Noah Ohlsen

CrossFit Games Athlete

MarcPro Ambassador: Noah Ohlsen

4th Place at 2017 CrossFit Games

2016 CrossFit Open Winner

4x CrossFit Games Individual Athlete

Masters Degree in Kinesiology and Strength & Conditioning from the University of Miami

"I use the Marc Pro in between sessions, so on a day that I have a double, I'll hit my first session hard. Then while I'm eating and recovering, I'll put the Marc Pro on so I'm good to go for session number two."

Heather Jackson

Ironman Champion - Pro Triathlete

MarcPro Ambassador: Heather Jackson

2017 Top US Female Triathlete at Ironman World Championships

2016 Podium Finish at Ironman World Championships

2 x Ironman 70.3 Oceanside Champion

3 x Wildflower Triathlon Champion

"Marc Pro has become an integral part of my training program… for me it’s as important as the actual workouts I do."

Andy Potts

Ironman Champion - Pro Triathlete

MarcPro Ambassador: Andy Potts

2017 Top US Male Triathlete at Ironman World Championship

2004 Olympian

4 x USAT Triathlete of the Year

200+ Races - 57+ 1st Place Finish

"Success in triathlon does not come from single days or efforts but from continuous improvement everyday. Without proper recovery, it is really hard to make those tiny gains everyday. I need to be my best everyday and I demand a lot from myself, by using the Marc Pro, I can expect to be ready for the demands of my day.”

Emily Bridgers

CrossFit Games Athlete

MarcPro Ambassador: Emily Bridgers

3 Time Individual CrossFit Games Athlete

Former collegiate gymnast for the University of Georgia

Co-Owner of CrossFit Terminus

2016 CrossFit Games Atlantic Regional Champion

"I was introduced to the Marc Pro at the CrossFit Games in 2014. Over time, I've realized what a huge difference it makes going into the next day of training, so it has become part of my nightly routine! I spend at least 20 minutes flushing out the muscles in order to recover faster and perform better!"