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tempo run

Why Your Training Should Combine the Tempo Run & Long Run

By Andy Potts, Ironman Champion & Pro Triathlete The Long Run, The Tempo Run…Both?  For marathoners and triathletes, the long...

nutrition for triathletes

Nutrition for Triathletes by Ironman Champion Andy Potts

Without a doubt, the most common questions I get asked revolve around nutrition. I think there needs to be a...

triathlon training

Triathlon Training Tips | The Key to Making Gains & Progress with Andy Potts

Triathletes spend a lot of time training. After all, there are three different disciplines to try to master – swimming,...

ironman world championship

How Does Heather Jackson Prepare for the Ironman World Championship?

“USA’s hope for the Kona crown” In the Championship issue, Triathlete Magazine named Heather Jackson a top pick for winning...