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Marc Pro has teamed up with Ryan Hughes to bring muscle recovery, conditioning and pain control to the dirt bike world.

As a top pro racer Ryan Hughes was known for riding with incredible effort and aggression. Now Ryan is bringing his unique blend of intensity and passion to training the next generation of pro athletes. As a competitor and a coach he knows conditioning and recovery are vital to success. From relieving arm pump to speeding recovery, watch this video and learn about the advantages Marc Pro delivers to serious racers and weekend warriors alike.


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Being a world renowned professional motocross athlete for over 25 years, Ryan “Ryno” Hughes knows a thing or two about recovery.  The legendary motocross athlete and coach had some great words to say about Marc Pro and how it has helped him be able to train without the pain or fatigue.

So pumped on this @marcpro muscle stem. I don’t promote many products or just because someone gives me a product to try. I only promote a product after I use it for a bit to see if it truly works, then I know and trust that it could help other people. I have used this for a few weeks now and can’t believe how fast my recovery is after my mtb rides. This week I have cycled 185 miles – 14hr – 23,000 feet climbing and my legs feel so fresh after a macpro session. Another great part about this is that it has a setting for pain and after all the hr’s on a bicycle and gym, my back is killing me right under where my rods, screws and back is fused, again after a session the pain is gone. So having this device I’ve been able to up my training without feeling the pain or fatigue. #CHARGELIFE

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