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6 Techniques for Post Triathlon Recovery From Heather Jackson

An Ironman race is the most grueling and intense type of triathlon. Once you finish an Ironman, your body is...

heather jackson

Heather Jackson Video Shoot | Pro Triathlete & Ironman Champion

We were lucky enough to spend the day with pro triathlete and Ironman champion, Heather Jackson. Not only is she...

heather jackson

Getting to Know Our New Marc Pro Ambassador: Heather Jackson

Earlier this year, Marc Pro formalized a partnership with Pro Triathlete Heather Jackson and we’re thrilled to have her as...

amanda burrill

Interview with Amanda Burrill: Model, Trainer, Navy Vet, And So Much More

Marc Pro Athlete Spotlight: Amanda Burrill Amanda Burrill could easily be called a modern-day ‘Renaissance woman.’ In 2003, Burrill was...