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western university

University of Western Ontario | Strength & Conditioning Coach Spotlight with Jeff Watson

Jeff Watson’s mission is to bring evidence-based, research information, quality training and teaching to student athletes. We got to interview...

texas christian university

TCU | Athletic Trainer Spotlight with Valerie Tinklepaugh-Hairston

Hairston, the current Women’s Basketball and Men’s Golf athletic trainer arrived at TCU 11 seasons ago after spending the previous...

georgia tech

Athletic Trainer Spotlight | Carla Gilson of Georgia Tech

Carla Gilson, a 25 year veteran of the sports medicine profession, joined the Georgia Tech Sports Medicine staff in August...

marquette university

Athletic Trainer Spotlight | Kenny Wilka of Marquette University

Kenny Wilka, Associate Athletic Trainer at Marquette University, talks about the positive shift towards focusing on the long-term health of...

athletic trainer

Athletic Trainer Spotlight | Pat Giruzzi of Hamilton College

We sat down with Pat Giruzzi, Assistant Athletic Trainer at Hamilton College, for some insight on what he loves about...