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mixed martial arts and building muscleLean bodies are commonly found in those who practice mixed martial arts (MMA). But there are some who have found that mixed martial arts and building muscle can be accomplished together. Highly agile and flexible MMA enthusiasts can also increase their muscle mass without sacrificing their performance.

There is a balance between the agility and speed for MMA versus the strength and power of muscle mass. To incorporate both mixed martial arts and building muscle consider adding some of these bodybuilding techniques into your routine:

There are other techniques that can help you with specific muscle groups or help with overall strength training. In all cases, pay close attention to your body to avoid injuries. A muscle strain of any kind could prevent you from performing future workouts including MMA or weight training. Take it slowly to get your body acquainted with the new exercises. Build up to something more challenging.

To prevent overuse injuries, speed recovery, or simply relax sore or tired muscles, an electronic muscle stimulation device like the Marc Pro can help.  Incorporate the Marc Pro into your post workout routine or as a helpful device for troublesome areas. As always, stretching is also perfect after workouts and even before your mixed martial arts and muscle building sessions to help reduce the chances of an injury.