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western university

University of Western Ontario | Strength & Conditioning Coach Spotlight with Jeff Watson

Jeff Watson’s mission is to bring evidence-based, research information, quality training and teaching to student athletes. We got to interview...

st john's university

Athletic Trainer Spotlight | Ronald Linfonte of St. John’s University

Ronald Linfonte, Associate Athletic Director of Sports Medicine at St. John’s University, sat down with us to discuss his storybook...

athletic trainer spotlight brandon aiken

Athletic Trainer Spotlight | Brandon Aiken of the University of South Carolina Aiken

Brandon Aiken, Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine at the University of South Carolina Aiken, shares what excites him about...

athletic trainer

Athletic Trainer Spotlight | Pat Giruzzi of Hamilton College

We sat down with Pat Giruzzi, Assistant Athletic Trainer at Hamilton College, for some insight on what he loves about...