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If you’re crunched for time, this may be just what your recovery needs.  Programming partner, Brian MacKenzie from Athlete Cell, has been testing out the Marc Pro Plus to find new and interesting ways to use the device.  In this video, Brian MacKenzie shares his secrets for the fastest way to recover post-run. To find out more or to get additional programming tips, please visit Athlete Cell.



Part III of a video series by our programmer, Brian Mackenzie and Athlete Cell, showing how Marc Pro Plus can be incorporated into a max effort workout.  In this episode, Brian switches between high frequency during the workout and low frequency in between sets to maximize results and promote recovery.  For more tips, please visit Athlete Cell.


Part II of a video series by our programmer, Brian Mackenzie and Athlete Cell, using his expertise to show new ways to benefit from Marc Pro. In this installment, Brian shows how to use high and low frequency to facilitate muscle recovery and activation. For more tips, please visit Athlete Cell.

Introducing a new video series by our programmer, Brian MacKenzie and Athlete Cell, using his expertise to show exciting new ways to use the Marc Pro Plus.  Rolling out, smashing, and SMR are all great tools for muscle recovery.  The Marc Pro is also a great tool.  This video shows how merging these techniques provides an incredible result on soft tissue.  For additional tips, please visit Athlete Cell.

brian mackenzie

Marc Pro is dedicated to maximizing the benefits our athletes obtain with Marc Pro and also helping our customers reach all of their potential. To that end we’re proud to announce a newly launched collaboration with Brian MacKenzie, the owner of Athlete Cell, who will be Marc Pro’s new Protocol Development and Programming partner.

Brian will aid Marc Pro in its constant effort to help athletes get the most benefit from using their devices, offering new and sport specific protocols as well as helpful tips that will be shared by Marc Pro.

For athletes looking for help beyond Marc Pro we recommend Athlete Cell as an excellent resource for programming support and coaching. Whether you run a gym or you are an individual athlete looking for new ways to improve in your sport, Athlete Cell offers effective programs, personalized coaching, and advice for becoming your very best. Please visit to learn more.

Brian MacKenzie is a movement specialist and strength and conditioning coach. He is the creator of CrossFit Endurance, which specializes in movement with an emphasis in running, cycling, and swimming mechanics. MacKenzie and his program have been featured in Competitor, Runner’s World, Triathlete, Men’s Journal, ESPN Rise, The Economist, Outside, and Tim Ferriss’ bestseller The 4-Hour Body. Brian consults and works with several Olympians, and has consulted with several athletic teams, including the 2012 & 2013 Western Athletic Conference Champions San Jose State Women’s Swim Team. He has co-authored Power Speed Endurance, and New York Times Best Seller & Men’s Journal Health Book of the Year, UnBreakable Runner.