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HIIT Training: What You Need to Know

hiitYou have probably heard of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as a quick way to get in a workout, but have you considered how HITT may take your training to the next level? HIIT is a training concept in which low and moderate workout intervals alternate with interval periods that are higher in intensity.

HIIT targets the anaerobic energy system, as intervals are shorter than one minute in duration, and at high intensities. With aerobic energy systems, at least 3 minutes of prolonged exercise is required. HIIT workouts can allow for a high intensity workout to be completed in a short amount of time, making it an ideal solution for individuals who are pressed for time, or looking for a quick lunch-time workout routine.

So what types of exercises can you consider? Typically, HIIT workouts are completed in circuits to allow for ample rest while still completing multiple exercises in set amount of time. The following exercises can be incorporated to create the ultimate HIIT workout, and you can mix and match exercises to create the best workout for your needs:

Jump rope

Jupe rope training can be included in HIIT workouts to increase cardiovascular ability, especially by using a weighted jump rope.


Sprint all out for 30 seconds, and see if you can go farther during the same allotted time as you continue through your workout. When you finish sprinting, you should feel as if you exerted yourself completely for the ultimate effects.

Mountain Climbers

Quickly push off one leg and then the other while maintaining strong core positioning.




Front and side planks are an incredible exercise to strengthen the core and can yield greater overall strength. Hold a plank position for one minute before heading to your next HIIT exercise.

Pull Ups

With pull ups and HIIT workouts, it is important to still maintain proper form in order to avoid injury. Make sure to still achieve full range of motion while performing the pull ups, and try to do as many full pull ups as possible within 30 seconds.

Jumping Jacks

Hitting up to 60 jumping jacks before heading to the next activity in a set is a great cardio and drill to incorporate into your HIIT routine.


When done correctly, burpees can allow an individual to quickly increase heart rate and increase strength with correct form. Try to complete 25 burpees before your next HIIT exercise in a circuit.

Even some of our Marc Pro ambassadors have jumped onto the train, including Amanda Burrill who regularly incorporates HIIT as one of her favorite workouts to help with her overall triathlon strength, speed, and endurance. In addition, after a hard HIIT workout, Amanda makes sure to actively recover better with the help of the Marc Pro.

Marc Pro is a muscle stimulation device that provides the most effective recovery to athletes. Why does recovery matter? When you are able to recover fully and quickly from your HIIT workouts not only will you feel better and ready to go for your next session, you will also get the most benefit from the training you just did- since it’s during the recovery process that muscles rebuild and become stronger. When athletes don’t allow their bodies to properly recover, they don’t benefit as much from their training and their bodies become more susceptible to overuse injuries.

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