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Trending Training Techniques & Tools: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

hiitCardiovascular workouts are extremely beneficial for those who want to feel great and stay healthy. Cardio helps by improving heart strength, reducing fat in the body, and lowering the risk of bone disorders.

These days, one common kind of cardiovascular activity is high-intensity interval training, or HIIT. The theory behind HIIT cardio is that the body can burn more fat by alternating between periods of high-intensity activity and lower-intensity periods of recovery. This circuit is then repeated several times, depending on the person’s level of fitness and ability to handle intense cardio.

Since high-intensity interval training cardio requires a high level of effort, many people can get an excellent workout in just a few minutes. This makes HIIT one of the best training techniques and tools for people who want to do cardio but don’t have a lot of time to spend on a treadmill or to run outside.

Getting Started With HIIT Cardio

The good news about HIIT training is that the principles behind this kind of exercise can be applied to almost any type of cardio that you enjoy. Swimming, cycling, and even jumping rope can all be performed in the HIIT style.

To begin with HIIT cardio, first decide how long you want your low-intensity and high-intensity periods to last. Experts suggest beginners start with a longer period of low-intensity exertion, while someone like an athlete or experienced fitness enthusiast may be able to achieve a more even ratio.

A Common HIIT Breakdown

When applied to running, a sample HIIT routine might look something like this:

  • Start with three minutes of low-intensity running to promote blood flow
  • Run as hard as possible for 30 seconds
  • Switch to a low-intensity walk for 30 seconds
  • Repeat as many times as possible

Most people will start to become worn out after only four or five repetitions of this cycle, which is why HIIT cardio can be completed so quickly. It is one of the best training techniques and tools for people who are bored with traditional forms of cardio and want to give themselves a challenge, or for athletes who are pressed for time but still need to devote some effort towards torching fat. Extreme beginners or those with certain kinds of medical conditions may want to avoid HIIT, as it will place a tremendous strain on the body if you do not have a sufficient level of conditioning.

When applied correctly, high-intensity interval training can be one of the most beneficial training techniques for people who care about their fitness. If you plan on trying HIIT, consider investing in a recovery device, such as the Marc Pro Plus, to help you relieve any soreness that you might have to deal with after an intense HIIT session.