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Jumping Rope Benefits for Any Athlete

rope jumping benefitsAnyone who’s seen the movie Rocky, or any of its sequels, knows the importance of jumping rope as part of training for a boxing match. But not as many people realize how jumping rope has fitness advantages for other activities as well. In fact, rope jumping has considerable benefits for any athlete, in any sport – as well for those who are more casual about working out. When you know what jumping rope can do for your fitness levels, chances are you’ll want to start skipping rope as well.

Jumping rope boosts athleticism

This is one of the main reasons it’s so popular with athletes. Anyone competing in sports that involve coordination, fast feet, speed, agility and power can gain athleticism by training with a jump rope. Even those engaging in workouts for exercise and fun will benefit from the activity. It’s great all-around body work for general physical fitness.

The activity is excellent for fat burning

Rope jumping is a cardiovascular exercise, so you burn a lot of calories while doing it. You can even boost the benefits by including high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions, especially with a weighted rope. More muscles are used in the upper and lower body, helping you build muscle over time – which results in higher efficiency in burning fat.

You develop muscle tone when rope jumping

There are a number of major muscle groups all being worked when you’re jumping rope, which leads to more toning and definition when you engage in the activity often. The main areas you’ll notice are the calves, shoulders and core. You can improve your vertical jump by focusing on the calves as you jump up higher every other rotation.

Jumping rope is an excellent low impact activity

It’s cardio, so it raises the heart rate and gets your blood pumping; however, rope jumping is less damaging on ankles and knees when compared to jogging. The reason is that you’re staying in one place while jumping, so your legs and core absorb the landing more evenly.

You’ll improve body coordination

Athletes generally aren’t clumsy, and some of that is a result of jumping rope during their training sessions. To get the best coordination benefits of rope jumping, mix things up: hop on one foot, then the other. Do whatever you can to change the rhythm.

Rope jumping supports active recovery

Post-workout is a critical time for muscles, as you need to cool things down and maintain high levels of circulation for some time after physical activity. Jumping rope is effective for active recovery, but don’t make it too strenuous. Aim for a light sweat and go for 10 minutes or so; then, finish up with some stretching. Proper post-workout recovery is essential for avoiding injuries and alleviating some of the muscle aches you may experience after a strenuous fitness session.

Rope jumping can have real benefits for you no matter your sport. Grab a rope and get started today.