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Research Shows: Marc Pro Improves Muscle Recovery & Performance

muscle recoveryMarc Pro uses a novel waveform and parameters that are distinct from other devices. The technology behind Marc Pro has shown to produce a nitric oxide dependent enhancement of microcirculation and angiogenesis in rats, as well as improve swim performance in athletes with concomitant reduction of plasma lactate. In this pilot study, researchers looked at the effectiveness of Marc Pro for muscle recovery and performance.

1. Soreness and Fatigue

To examine Marc Pro’s effect on muscle recovery, two separate studies were conducted to evaluate soreness and fatigue. The group on the first study completed leg extension strength training exercises. The second study had participants complete a hike, with the goal of inducing quadriceps muscle DOMS. In both studies, Marc Pro was only applied to one leg post activity. Researchers found that the leg with the Marc Pro application had significantly lower levels of soreness and fatigue.

2. Muscle Endurance

Within the first study, researchers assessed muscle endurance in participants. To determine this, they examined the number of leg extension repetitions each leg could complete. Researchers found that the leg that used Marc Pro was able to complete more repetitions.

The studies performed in this experiment conclude that “Marc Pro may significantly improve muscle recovery and muscle endurance.” While the mechanism of increased muscle recovery is unknown, researchers believe that it may be due to Marc Pro’s presumed cellular responses, such as “nitric oxide production, fluid shifts, protein clearance, and angiogenesis, as well as its potential to induce mRNA transcriptional proteins.”

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