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The Best Recovery in Baseball | How to Use Marc Pro

best baseball recovery

Baseball is a game of repetition, lots of repetition. The high reoccurrence of similar movements is a key reason baseball players of all levels use Marc Pro to prevent arm fatigue and overuse injuries. Players who train hard, throw often, and swing consistently will see real recovery results.

Marc Pro fills the gap of active recovery by providing non-fatiguing contractions to move fluid in and out of tired muscles. Removing stress on tendons and joints, eliminating energy burn, and coupling recovery with relaxing activities makes Marc Pro a perfect tool for any serious athlete. Below are a few suggested pad placements specifically designed for baseball players to recover from their sport.

Mid Arm Recovery

Activating muscles above and below the elbow is crucial for protecting grip strength and combatting the strain of throwing. This placement is a mainstay for pitchers but will benefit anyone with discomfort in the elbow or forearm.

baseball recovery

Shoulder Recovery

Shoulder health is a critical element of maintaining velocity, throwing across the infield, or assisting an out. Use this placement to increase ROM and protect the complicated joint.

baseball shoulder recovery

Opposing Lower Back Recovery

Arm care doesn’t stop at the shoulder. Most throwing motions produce strong forces on the lower back when the lead leg impacts with the ground. This rapid deceleration often leads to sore or tight lower backs, especially on the opposing side from the throwing arm. Addressing the lower back with this pad placement is vital.

baseball lower back recovery

Note: This image is an example of where to place the pads. Move the pads to surround the area where you feel sore or tight.

Leg Recovery

Legs are the foundation for nearly every movement in baseball. Increasing strength and performance for leg muscles is important for all positions, especially catchers.

Hitting and Rotation

Taking a lot of cuts during practice or extending at bats? These pad placements loosen up the muscles involved in swing rotations.

Armed with the placements above and daily use of the Marc Pro, ballplayers can confidently hit it hard to get to the next level.

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