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The Best Drink to Rehydrate & Refresh in the Morning


One mistake most of us make first thing in the morning is we often fail to appreciate that we just went 8-10 hours without consuming liquids. We grab a cup of coffee to start the day and don’t think much about it. Coffee itself isn’t the issue, but if that’s the first liquid you put in your body you may want to rethink your morning rituals. Instead, try upregulating your hydration and get your kidneys going first thing in the morning.

Importance of Hydration in the Morning

Making hydration a priority in the morning can have some big benefits for your health. Hydration through the day is important too, but beginning your day with some proper hydration can get your day off to a great start.


Fuels your brain

The brain is made up of almost 73% water. Staying hydrated is essential to maintaining maximum brain function.

Boosts energy

Dehydration can lead to low energy, so rehydrating first thing in the morning can make sure your are alert and have the energy to get through the day. Water can help aid in balancing mood as well.

Flushes toxins

Water helps flush toxins out of the body, which means you can stay healthy and be less prone to sickness.

Kickstarts metabolism

The metabolic processes that break down protein and carbohydrates are fueled by water. Ensuring your body has plenty of water will help rev up your metabolism.

Rehydration Drink- “Morning Refresher”

For morning hydration, one of the best things you can do is make the following “Morning Refresher” drink with a few simple ingredients.

Example of what a “pinch” looks like
  • 8-12 ounces of water
  • A pinch of sea salt (preferably Himalayan sea salt)
  • A little bit of lemon juice

Adding a small amount of sea salt to your water will allow your body to absorb the water you’re drinking. You don’t need much, but making water more isotonic as compared to pure water, will have big benefits for your hydration. Sodium is responsible for transporting water to the body’s cells.

The purpose of the lemon juice is to provide some flavor and vitamin C for the next step. In addition to proper hydration, collagen is another great way to make sure your tissues are healthy and have the appropriate building blocks. Vitamin C allows the collagen to be better absorbed and used by the body.  Improving the tissue system with proper hydration and supplementation can help solve pain related problems, tissue health problems, and allow your body to perform optimally. An easy way to get more collagen into your diet is through a collagen supplement, such as Vital Proteins, which can be mixed into almost anything.

What Else Can you Do to Stay Healthy?

Hydration and collagen are two fundamental elements to keep your tissues robust, healthy, and less prone to injuries and other issues. Walking is another great way to drastically improve your tissue health. You can also use Marc Pro to get all the benefits of active recovery during periods of inactivity while at work or home.

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