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15 Minute Morning Yoga Routine for Active People

Instead of checking your phone immediately after waking up, use that time to do something positive for the day ahead. This 15-minute morning yoga routine will help strengthen your body and mind so you can give your best throughout the day. Just a few quick poses will:

  1. Spark energy throughout your body
  2. Stretch out tight spots and loosen up your muscles – which will help balance the body from the strains of desk/computer work and the stressors of working out.
  3. Mentally prepare your mind

Even better, each of these poses has additional benefits for your overall wellness.

The 15-Minute Yoga Routine

Child’s Pose

morning yogaMany of us carry stress before the day even really begins. Child’s pose is a great way to calm the body and lower stress. It also massages internal organs to promote healthy digestion. This pose loosens the hips and stretches the back, which can help offset the damage done from desk work.

Chair Pose

Coffee is a great way to wake up, but yoga can also be used to awaken the body and mind. Chair pose is an effective tool for increasing energy throughout the body. It works to promote good balance and posture, and stretches out the shoulders and chest.

morning yogaLow Lunge

If you sit at a desk for work all day and happen to be an athlete or fitness enthusiast (especially runners), this position is a must. The low lunge gets your body into a deep stretch position that targets your quads, hamstrings, groin, and hips. This ultimately improves the range of motion in your lower body.

morning yogaYogi Squat

The yogi squat helps ground your energy to revitalize and cleanse. This pose is also great for opening up your hips and stretching the lower back and ankles (which are often forgotten). Digestion is improved as well with this yoga pose.

morning yogaCactus Pose

Rounded shoulders and hunching have become a common side effect of modern society. Texting and computer work lead many of us to an anterior dominance. The cactus pose is a great way to offset this tendency. By stretching out your chest and shoulders, this position opens up the heart center (meaning better communication and relation to others) and promotes good energy for interacting with others.

morning yogaTriangle Pose

The triangle pose is a wonderful way to open the outside of the hip and address many tight areas that athletes commonly deal with, like the groin. It stretches obliques, groin, hips, ankles, and muscles that surround the knee.

Having external rotation of the leg is a great position to be in since most of our positions involve internal rotation.

morning yoga

Supine Twist

Realign and relax your spine. Not only does this pose improve spine flexibility and strength, it also releases anxiety and helps detoxify your organs.

Try out this morning routine to feel the difference yoga can make on your day. A little can go a long way.