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Marc Pro is the Best Way to Stay in the Game

“Coach said to run poles.”

A well-intentioned coach is right that baseball players NEED active recovery, but he picked the one method that yields the worst results. Every player HATES that slow jog through the outfield. Stop wasting valuable time after games and practices. Stop further stressing tired and sore muscles, torturing overworked joints, and burning valuable energy.

baseball recovery

Marc Pro fills the gap of active recovery by transforming muscles into motors to move good stuff in and harmful material out of fatigued muscles. Better yet, Marc Pro can be used on the team bus, while playing video games (homework for the studious), or even in the dugout.

Consider that the harder a baseball player works, the more recovery they need. Serious athletes need recovery methods beyond sleep and nutrition that directly support their athletic goals. Durability, effectiveness, and portability rolled into an easy-to-use package have made Marc Pro the recovery accessory of choice for the highest levels of sport, including every MLB team.

active recovery for baseball

Here is a glimpse at some of the ways ballplayers regularly use Marc Pro.

Arm Care

Activating muscles above and below the elbow is crucial for protecting grip strength and combatting the strain of throwing. This placement is a mainstay for pitchers, but will benefit anyone with discomfort in the elbow or forearm.

baseball recovery

Shoulder Focus

Shoulder health is a critical element of maintaining velocity, throwing across the infield, or assisting an out. Use this placement to increase range of motion, improve arm path, and protect this complicated joint.

baseball shoulder recovery

Back Stiffness

Arm care does not stop at the shoulder. Most throwing motions produce strong forces on the lower back. Rapid deceleration when pitching off a mound often leads to sore or tight lower backs, especially on the opposite side of the throwing arm. Addressing the lower back with this pad placement is vital and brings much needed relief.

baseball lower back recovery

Note: This image is an example of where to place the pads. Move the pads to surround the area where you feel sore or tight.

Marc Pro is committed to every user getting the most out of their unit. Unlocking free unlimited coaching calls with a purchase means no question goes unanswered.