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Marc Pro Reviews: See What Customers Had to Say

marc pro review

Marc Pro is designed to help every type of athlete. Whether you compete in front of millions of fans or you’re just starting out with your workout program, recovery is an essential part of the process and the reason athletes at all levels, across sports and activities use Marc Pro.

Here’s what some customers had to say about their experience with using Marc Pro and the benefits they’ve achieved.

Quick Customer Stats

Based on our survey, customers reported the following after using the device for 30 days.

  • 96% of people feel more recovered
  • 96% of people don’t feel as sore or fatigued
  • 88% of people have less pain
  • 78% feel their performance has improved
  • 79% can work out more often

 Customer Reviews

1. “This is not only for high level athletes…works great for older recreational athletes looking to stay in shape…I use it every day…” (William, Beaver, PA)

2. “To be honest, it is a family device!! My wife and I use it for general aches from our work (surgical tech and firefighter). We both feel better the next morning after using it in the evening. My daughter is a high school softball pitcher. She has seen benefits from using it on her pitching arm and also recovery from some tendinitis in her foot.” (Matt, Elgin, IL)

marc pro review

3. “Really helps my recovery from throwing so I am able to get in good work the next day. Also helps with any other soreness or issues elsewhere on my body.” (Ryan, Deer Park, IL)

4. “Since starting using the Marc Pro, I’ve been able to excel in multi-day races that have led to multiple podium results.” (Rowlett, TX)

5. “My son uses this primarily for baseball. However, I’ve been sneaking it and find it very helpful for recovery after doing yardwork, etc. Particularly helpful on my lower back and legs.” (Andrew, Northville, MI)

6. “If my body is feeling really beat up, for instance, my quads and shoulders are primarily where I use the Marc Pro. At this point, I can use it on those areas and immediately see improvement.” (Aaron, Corvallis, OR)

7. “After heavy leg lifting and plyo days, my recovery took 2-3 days and I was limited during the period. I now am able to do easy cardio on the next day and to go hard on day 2, instead of day 3 or day 4.” (Austin, TX)

marc pro review

8. “I am able to recover in a day. Before Marc Pro, it took 3-4 days to recover. Thus, I can train and workout more. I had my personal best time for 10K run after using Marc Pro. It has been great for me.” (Douglas Y., Orlando, FL)

9. “My 11 year old son uses it every night to help recover his throwing shoulder and knees. He’s a catcher and he doesn’t complain at all now about either body part hurting. It has been amazing.” (Nate S., Osawatomie, KS)

10. “Being an older athlete I’m often sore after workouts. Also, I have started golfing and don’t have the flexibility of my younger days. Marc Pro Plus helps with flushing out the muscle with reduces the soreness and speeds up recovery time.” (Johnny H., Claremont, CA)

Marc Pro’s unique, patented technology provides results that can’t be achieved with other recovery devices and tools. To experience the benefits for yourself, put Marc Pro to the test for 30 days with our Money Back Guarantee.

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