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How to Make Fitness a Priority During the Holidays

fitnessDuring the holidays, it is easy to start dreaming about sugarplums, gravy, and stacks of buttery pastries in wondrous displays. What’s even easier than dreaming about these foods is to start consuming all of these holiday calories without a second thought. It’s not a dream—these foods engulf most people during the holidays, and are typically paired with drinks and cheer (not to mention eggnog).

The scrumptious food is part of the joy of the holidays, and is teamed with time spent with family and friends gathered around fireplaces (unless you are in Southern California, where the fireplace is replaced by a bonfire). But just because the holidays are seeping in delicious treats and drinks, should your workouts be forgotten? For many, getting a workout in when there is apple cider and sugar cookies on the table is not just hard, but nearly impossible.

So how can you stay motivated to hit the gym during these festive times? The Marc Pro team has some advice to keep you excited and eager to not only stay in shape, but enjoy the holidays as well.

#1. Head Out Early

When traveling to relatives’ homes, it is easy to get sucked into different routines and keep pushing your workout off throughout the day. Set your alarm early and head out to workout before all of the family activities start. This ensures that you can get a good quality workout session in, that isn’t rushed, and not have to worry about it the rest of the day. Plus, working out early actually encourages you to make better eating choices throughout the day, which could mean less mini-quiches, and more veggies.

#2. Set Goals

It is easier to stay committed to your workout plans when you have a goal in mind. For example, your goal might be to complete a 5k race in January. Having this goal on the calendar and top of mind can allow for you to stay strong when you need to head out for a run in the cold. Other goals could include maintaining a certain level of fitness, joining a CrossFit gym, or signing up for a triathlon in the spring.

#3. Pack Workout Gear

You know that there is no gym close by to your relatives, so make sure to pack what you need with you. A jump rope, Therabands, and water weights can go a long way to helping you create the ultimate home-gym in the guest room.

#4. Make Your Own Outdoor Gym

Heading to a colder climate with snow? Make the great outdoors your new gym. Shoveling snow will definitely get your heart pumping. You can also do circuits with the family while sledding. Run up to the top of a hill, sled down, throw down some pushups, and then hit the ground running. Not only will the younger family members love how many times they get to sled down the hill, you can get a good intensity workout in while spending time with the family. Talk about a win-win workout!