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4 Easy-to-Pack Fitness Tools to Keep You Fit During Holiday Travel

Make a Gym Almost Anywhere!

holiday travelEggnog, candy-cane sprinkled treats, and so many gingerbread men headline the holiday week! Alongside all of the holiday goodies comes the need to pack up the suitcase and head out to relatives’ houses for family time, decadent treats and ‘merry’ fun. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to stay in your childhood bedroom, still adorned with posters from your favorite bands and your prized ‘blanky.’

While the holidays are packed with fun and sweets, this time of the year can also present a challenge for planning workouts, especially in locations that don’t offer nearby gyms or your go-to gym equipment. Breaking routine can make getting motivated a challenge, but never fear, as we’re here to help with a packing list to help keep you in tip-top shape, not just for this holiday season, but for whenever you have to hit the road. So make your list, check it twice, and you’ll find that being naughty and skipping workouts is no longer a possibility! And besides, you won’t feel guilty about indulging in some of those treats that are certainly a part of the holiday tradition!

Workout Packing List


1. Jump Rope

  • If you are headed to a cold weather climate or would rather find ways to do some cardio activities inside, the jump rope might be the ultimate accessory for you. Jump roping is not just for the playground, as it packs some serious benefits, and is extremely portable. Some other benefits include:
    • Improved coordination
    • Decreased foot and ankle injuries
    • Can burn up to 1300 calories per hour (10 minutes is considered roughly equivalent to an 8-minute per mile pace)
    • Increased cardiovascular strength


2. Therabands

  • These bands are made of latex and come in a wide variety of resistance strengths. You can perform many exercises in the comfort of your hotel room or at your relatives’ house while increasing the amount of resistance that you feel during the exercises. Some of the exercises that you can do without needing heavy dumbbells include:
    • Clamshells- these exercises are made for strengthening multiple areas of the body including the glutes and hips.
    • Squats- therabands can increase the resistance during proper squat form, and can ensure that foot placement remains in the correct positioning throughout the exercise.
    • Arm Exercises including: lat pulldowns, reverse flies, and chest presses


3. Water Weights (AquaBells)

  • If you miss feeling the burn of weight training when you’re on the road,,then you might consider investing in some AquaBells that allow you to bring the gym with you. All you need is some water to fill these dumbbells and ‘tada,’ you’ve got the ability to customize your weights for multiple exercises while on the road.


4. Your Own Body

  • Love your body because you can do just about anything to stay fit using your own body weight while traveling and at home. By making small variations to certain exercises, including adding elements of balance, you can make your workout more challenging and more targeted to your own specific needs. Consider the following exercises:


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Happy Holidays from your friends at Marc Pro!