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Traveling During the Holidays: How to Avoid Aches and Pains

holiday travelThe holidays are in full swing, with all of the joy and pleasantries that accompany spending time with friends and family. And then there is the travel to reach all of these friends and family members. Holiday travel can be far less than enjoyable, especially when you keep comparing all of the treats and goodies that you will be able to indulge in when you reach home with long lines and airport food.

With holiday travel can also come aches and pains as you cram yourself into different spaces to make the journey feasible. Small airplane seats (and worse if you have to take the dreaded middle seat), crowded buses, and jam-packed trains can make your body scream out from discomfort. The Marc Pro team has a few tips to help make your holiday travel more enjoyable so that you can arrive at your destination feeling more recovered than ever before.

Holiday Travel Tip #1: Pack Your Snacks

No matter what, your own snacks are always better than the foods that are available in a bus or airport terminal. Take the time before you head out for your trip to prepare some fruit, vegetables, and healthy snacks (like nuts or hummus) to take with you. Your body will thank you for some tasty nourishment that will keep you away from the Cinnabon cart.

Holiday Travel Tip #2: Drink Water

It may sound simple, but staying hydrated during travel can make a tremendous difference in how your body feels post-trip. Drinking water can help with your kidney performance, and actually decrease muscle cramps and pains.

Holiday Travel Tip #3: Move Around

It is easy to get trapped on an airplane during a long flight and stay in your seat the entire time. Set a timer to get up during the flight at regular intervals, and walk around, stretch, and stand up. Not only will your body feel better moving around, but your mind will appreciate a change in scenery as well to make the time go by faster.

Holiday Travel Tip #4: Consider Using the Marc Pro While Traveling

The Marc Pro is not just a great tool for helping with recovery post-workout or after a long work day, it can be extremely useful to help an individual avoid the “dead-leg airplane feeling.” Simply attach the electrodes to your legs and/or back during a flight, power the Marc Pro on, and notice the difference in how your body feels after getting off your flight or long ride.

Do you have any advice for ways to help your body navigate a long trip? Share them with us on Twitter or Instagram. The entire Marc Pro team wishes you safe travels during this holiday season, and fewer aches and pains as well!