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6 Things You May Not Know About the Importance of Water and Your Workout

importance of waterWater is one of the most important substances for humans; in fact, the human body is nearly two-thirds water. If you aren’t already doing your best to drink as much water as possible, there are many reasons you should be. Here are six things to know about the importance of water and how it relates to your fitness goals.

Helps with weight loss

Water has been medically proven to help people lose weight. Why is this the case? It makes you feel full, which helps stave off unwanted snack sessions. It also helps by regulating your digestive system so that the foods you eat are processed efficiently by your body.

Makes muscles perform better

It’s true; scientific research has shown that dehydration can lead to reduced strength and endurance in the body. What’s the best way to prevent dehydration? Drink plenty of water! An adult female needs 2.2 liters of water each day while a male needs about 3 liters. This is the equivalent of about 9 and 12.5 cups a day, respectively. Keep in mind that some of this intake will occur naturally in foods and other drinks.

Helps kidneys

Even though most athletes probably don’t think about them often, kidneys are an important part of the body. They filter the waste that is present in blood, which ensures that your muscles have the healthy fuel that they need to stay oxygenated. The kidneys need water to fulfill this important function, which is another reason that you should be getting plenty of H2O each day.

Prevents muscle cramps and pains

Every athlete knows how bad a nasty cramp can be; it can quickly derail a training session or take you out of a game or competition. By getting enough water, you can stop these painful conditions from occurring and make sure you get through your workout easily.

Stops illness

Nothing can sidetrack a carefully planned workout and nutrition program like coming down with a cold. Not only will drinking water help you if you do get sick, research has shown that drinking at least eight glasses of water a day will reduce your risk of falling ill in the first place.

Regulates the digestive system

Your body needs to digest food regularly in order for you to get the nutritional benefits of the foods that you eat. When it comes to the digestive system, the importance of water cannot be overstated. Medical research shows that drinking enough water helps dissolve fats and fibers, meaning they can pass through the body more efficiently.

How do you get enough water each day? Simply make it a habit. One old trick to up the amount of water that you drink while minimizing the time it takes to do so is to fill up your glass with water, drink it all immediately, and then fill it back up and drink that second glass throughout your day. When you commit to drinking enough water each day, you will see benefits in your fitness routine and your daily life.